11 Best Cosmetology Schools In The World In 2023

Are you interested in the field of cosmetology and you are wondering which school is good for this program?

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In this article, we will walk you through all you need to know about the 11 Best Cosmetology In The World in 2023.

11 Best Cosmetology Schools In The World 

We have put together some of the schools that offer quality Cosmetology programs in the world in 2023.

This list of schools contains some of the best colleges, universities, and other academic institutions that are considered authorities in the Cosmetology field.

They are as follows:

1. The Empire Beauty School, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

The Empire Beauty school is one of the best schools for Cosmetology programs. 

The school is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

It has about more than 109 educational institutions across the country with more than 80 years of teaching experience and guidance experts enabling students to be confident.

The beauty course covers many topics in the Cosmetology programs including color and texture, hair design and cutting, basic skincare, makeup, and commercial/retail training.

2. The Aveda Institute, West Chester

This is one of the best universities for Cosmetology where students have access to a hands-on educational experience,

And comprehensive teaching, which will prepare them for the strict requirements of the workforce.

Students can benefit from well-organized Cosmetology programs and courses offered in approximately 60 cities in the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

The admission requirements, course fees, and graduation credits will vary by location. 

3. Paul Mitchell Schools, Orlando

The Paul Mitchell School is one of the best schools for Cosmetology programs in the world in the field of professional hairdressing products.

The system includes more than 100 beauty products.

These products are available in about 80 countries/regions, over 50,000 salons in 81 countries/regions, and more than 100 school locations.

The beauty education program covers topics ranging from styling, texture, and manicure to foil work, makeup, and pedicure.

4. The Sassoon Academy, Santa Monica

Sassoon Academy is a very popular beauty school and one of the best beauty schools in the world.

It’s known for providing detailed Cosmetology programs for beginners, and you can apply without any prior experience. 

The program usually lasts for 44 weeks and covers 1,600 hours of coursework and practical experience.

The education cost price is the professional student beauty kit which students are expected

To have used to provide materials such as manuals, brushes, combs, hairdryers, and clips, and this may cost somewhere around $1,500.

Sassoon offers continuing education courses for working professionals: 

  • Salon Intensive
  • Comprehensive Diploma. 

These courses can be completed in four to six weeks, and short courses take about five days to complete. 

5. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School, Chicago

Pivot Point has become the most taught global beauty school education program, available in 15 languages ​​in more than 2,000 institutions in 70 countries.

If you are considering the best universities for cosmetology, then this school should be on your list.

The program consists of 13 fields of study, including 106 theoretical courses and 68 workshops. 

The education program has six subject modules: The fundamentals of Cosmetology, Color, Texture, Salon Success, met, Sculpture, and Hair Design.

LAB (Learn About Beauty) is the digital platform for the program,

which is very similar to social media, making students of the Cosmetology program become both interactive and enjoyable. 

The effectiveness and success of the plan have brought incredible growth. 

6. The Ogle School, Dallas

Ogle School is considered one of the recommended places to study Cosmetology in the world as they offer some of the best programs in the field. 

It is one of the best Cosmetology universities in the world. 

Beauticians have been receiving efficient and professional courses and programs from the school since 1973. 

Through NACCAS accreditation, there are now eight educational institutions in Texas.

Students in cosmetology programs will gain most of their professional experience from a salon run by campus students.

The cosmetology services provided by these campus salons are cheap and are completed by students under the supervision of their tutors.

This will help students become more experienced through practices and showcase their talents through events such as the annual Face-Off competition. 

Courses are offered in the following ways: every day, in the evening, part-time or full-time, and start dates that run throughout the year.

Students can benefit from job placements and professional help after completing their courses.

7. Tricoci University, Bridgeview

Tricoci University is one of the best universities for cosmetology programs in the world. 

It is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences and offers 1500 hours of beauty programs,

And is considered one of the best Cosmetology schools in the world.

It usually takes 12 months for students attending these beauty schools to complete the course if they are enrolled full-time, and 20 months if they enroll part-time. 

There are a number of topics covered in the beauty programs offered by Triconi University which include topics in, hair styling, hairdressing,

practical chemistry applications, hair care, esthetics, nail technology, and shop management.

8. Xenon International Academy, Omaha

The Xenon International Academy was formed through this partnership and the school has become one of the Cosmetology Universities in the world,

They offer quality beauty programs that open up doors of opportunities to students.

The program offered by this school is one of the top-notch cosmetology programs in the world.

The program plan is divided into subjects of six modules, each of which has four phases of focus: discovery, experience, creation, and imagination. 

Topics covered in the courses include the Designer’s Approach to Sculpture, color, hair design, texture, and salon success. 

The basic cosmetology textbook required for this program is an integral part of the student’s toolkit for cosmetology.

Instructors in the school are experts in the beauty field and will help students with first-hand experience and professional guidance.

9. American National College, Chamblee

America National College is one of the best Cosmetology Schools in the world. 

The program offered here is one of the best cosmetology programs and takes an average of 83 weeks for full-time students to complete the course. 

The school also offers a Master of Cosmetology program that is accelerated and usually takes 50 weeks for students to complete.

The School is fully accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and offers quality programs in the field of Cosmetology. 

Furthermore, the school is recognized.

The schedule of the Cosmetology program offered in this school is not strict as courses are offered in the evenings and on weekends.

Course topics include shampoo and related theories, cold Waving, facial care, and chemical hair relaxing. 

After completing 500 class hours, students will be reviewed in order to enter the junior class.

After completing 1000 hours of coursework, the state board exams will be taken by the student and they need to pass the exam to advance to the advanced class. 

10. Hollywood Institute Of Beauty, Hollywood

If you are looking for one of the Best Colleges for Cosmetology then you should consider the Hollywood Institute of Beauty. 

The beauty school has three locations in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. 

It provides training in various fields, such as hairdressing/barbering, nail art, aesthetics, skincare, beauty, and massage therapy. 

Also known as the General Beauty Culture Program, the beauty certification requires 1200 class hours.

The average full-time day student can complete the program in about 10 months, while evening participants need about 17 months.

Throughout the entire course, educators encourage learners to behave like designers in their thought and action. 

After completing the program, students will take the state license exam and can become confident applicants in the field.

11. The Hair Design Institute, Boynton Beach

The Cosmetology program offered in this school is one of the best beauty programs, and

Its programs include Hair Analysis, Sanitation and Sterilization, Scalp Treatments, Permanent Waving, Salon Management, and Chemistry.

Cosmetology programs are offered by this school in different ways and methods such as part-time, full-time, or evening courses so that busy professionals can also participate in the course.

The school is also known as the Brittany Beauty Academy and is part of the Next Generation of Beauty Education Network of Educational Institutions or NEXGEN.

In order to get certified in this beauty school, 1200 class hours or 1000 class hours are required respectively.

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One of the reasons this institution is considered one of the best universities for cosmetology is that after the successful completion of the program, the institute will provide assistance in professional placement in the beauty field.

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