10 Best Esthetician Schools In Las Vegas

10 Best Esthetician Schools In Las Vegas

Are you in the United States and you are wondering which side of the country will be best for your esthetician career path?

Have you thought of  “Las Vegas”?

I guess not….

In this article, we will discuss why Las Vegas will be the best countryside to kick off your career choice, and we will also provide you with a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Esthetician Schools in Las Vegas and their respective tuition fees.

Let’s get started!

Why Is Las Vegas The Best City For A Career As An Esthetician

Las Vegas is one of the perfect places to start a career as an esthetician. 

All that is required of you is to graduate from an accredited program in esthetics though it is possible for you to even go further to obtain a license that will be more decorative to your career in esthetics since skincare business has been researched to be one of the most huge and  flourishing businesses in Las Vegas.

With that, the best beauty esthetician schools are mostly located there.

The job opportunities and prospects are also an additional advantage why you should consider Las Vegas as the best city to attend an esthetician school.

Who is An Esthetician? 

If you stormed on this article without properly knowing who an esthetician is..

You don’t worry, we got you covered.

An esthetician is an individual who has expertise in cosmetic skin treatment. 

They are those skin care personnels who perform waxing, body treatment, exfoliation, micro-needling, and chemical peel.

In addition, they also apply makeup and advise clients on cosmetic products that complement their skin tone.

Job Description Of An Esthetician?

The primary responsibilities of an esthetician are as follows:

  • Estheticians intend to eradicate wrinkles and keep the skin glowing. 
  • To perform waxing, exfoliation, micro-needling, facials, etc.
  • Instruct people on makeup application.
  • Advise clients regarding cosmetic products for the skin.
  • Accommodate and welcome clients politely.

Even though an esthetician is a professional in Skin care, there are some restricted skin care treatment that they aren’t allowed to perform such as:

  • Administer Botox
  • Perform treatment on superficial layers of the skin.
  • Prescribe medication for client’s proposals or offer skin treatment to clients.
  • Diagnose a client’s skin condition.

Requirements To Become A Licensed Esthetician

For licensure, there is a need for you to follow this steps as follows:

  • Complete An Accredited 900-Hour Program In Esthetics

The first step in obtaining your esthetician license involves graduating from an accredited esthetic program.

For licensure, you must complete a minimum of 900 hours in a Nevada Board of Cosmetology approved esthetician training program.

The 900-hour program incorporates theory and practical training.

The program’s coursework includes:

  • Dermanalysis
  • Facial manipulations
  • Basic skincare
  • Client service
  • Human anatomy
  • Professional development 
  • Chemistry and product ingredients
  • Sanitation requirements 
  • Body treatment etc.
  • Submit An Application Request To The Nevada Board of Cosmetology

There are different ways of submitting a license application.

In order to submit your license application, the Nevada Board of Cosmetology requires the submission of an application request form.

In order to successfully submit an application request form, kindly follow these simple steps.

  • First, submit the in-state student application request form.

The esthetician institution you attended should send the Nevada State Board a verification containing the hours and courses you completed. 

  • You are to make a payment of about $15 which is the application request fee.
  • Pass the Written, Practical, and State Law Exams

This is the final stage of obtaining an esthetician license. 

You must pass written, practical, and state law exams with a minimum score of 75% or above as required by the Nevada Board of Cosmetology. 

The agency uses the National Interstate Council of State Board of Cosmetology to supervise the written and practical examinations. 

Upon the completion of these three exams, you will be eligible for licensure.

Now you know these three basic steps in obtaining an esthetician license, let’s take a look at the 10 Best Esthetician Schools that you can attend in Las Vegas.

10 Best Esthetician Schools In Las Vegas

When evaluating an esthetician institution, there are factors to look out for such as quality of education, program length, graduation rate, or job placement.

Based on these factors, these listed schools below have stood out.

They are as follows:

1. Academy Of Hair Design Beauty School Of Las Vegas

Academy of Hair Design Beauty School of Las Vegas has been Nevada’s most reliable esthetician institute.

Some of the programs they offer include:

Cosmetology, Nail Technology, Hair Design, and Esthetics. 

Students enrolled at this beauty school acquire the necessary technical skills in esthetics within the six months of the program. 

So if you want to become an esthetician in Las Vegas, then you should consider attending one of the best esthetician colleges in Las Vegas and also you stand a chance to gain scholarships available at this beauty school. 

The application fee in this academy is $25. 

Tuition: $14,005

Kit Cost: $1,156

School Address: 5191 W. CHARLESTON, #150 LAS VEGAS, NV 89146

2. Aveda Institute 

Aveda Institute is a popular Institute in every state of the United States with a reputation for providing advanced skincare products.

Being one of the top esthetician schools not just in Las Vegas but the entire United States. 

The institution offers a variety of programs that includes:

Cosmetology, Esthiology, Massage Therapy, and Nail Technology. 

As their students, you will be privileged to receive a state-of-the-art education on esthetics offered by a team of qualified professional instructors.

In addition, students at this esthetician school receive first-hand business insight and through the school’s salons and spas scattered across the U.S.

Tuition: $14,303

Kit Cost: $1,500

School Address: 4856 S EASTERN AVE LAS VEGAS, NV 89119

3. Euphoria Institute Of Beauty Arts & Sciences

The Euphoria Institute of Beauty is a small for-profit college located in Las Vegas with just about 250 enrollment. 

The acceptance rate is 100% and that of graduation is 81.

It is part of the Lincoln Technology training system that offers programs such as Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology.

Attending this esthetician school is affordable as graduates of the institution have a low rate of student debt.

Tuition: $16,085

Kit Cost: $170

School Address: 9340 W. SAHARA AVE STE. 205 LAS VEGAS, NV 89117

4. Expertise Cosmetology Institute 

Expertise Cosmetology Institute is one of the esthetician colleges that offer beauty programs below the average tuition rate. 

They provide one of the best esthetic courses that inculcate business initiatives.

They offer unique business-oriented esthetic courses aimed at grooming students to own spas and salons in the future.

Tuition: $13,100

Kit Cost: $1,300

School Address: 1911 STELLA LAKE STREET LAS VEGAS, NV 89106

5. G Skin & Beauty School

Another best esthetician school is the G Skin & Beauty School. 

It is a small institution in Las Vegas with a good industrial reputation.

The esthetics program that the G Skin & Beauty offers is designed to engage students in theory and practical experiences in esthetics. 

At the end of the program, students are expected to prepare for entry-level jobs and state licensing exams.

Tuition: $15,023

Kit Cost:  $411

School Address: 1300 W Warm Springs Rd Henderson, NV 89014

6. NIMA Institute 

NIMA Institute is a place to acquire knowledge and technical skills in esthetics. 

It is recognized as one of the best beauty colleges In Las Vegas and across other states in the United States.

It has a reputation when it comes to top-level technical training in esthetics. 

Apart from that, they also offer certification courses to licensed estheticians seeking to further their careers.

The course topics that they offer includes:

advanced exfoliators, microblading, advanced waxing, classic lashes extension, pro makeup artistry, and vampire facial.

Tuition: Not Available

Kit Cost: Not Available

School Address: 3993 Howard Hughes Pkwy Ste 150 Las Vegas, NV 89169

7. Milan Institute

Milan Institute is a profitable college located in Las Vegas, and it’s one of the smallest esthetician schools that offer beauty programs.

Since its establishment in 1985, Milan Institute has built a reputation as one of the prestigious beauty schools in the western region of the United States.

The Institute offers various career training programs which include:

Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetician, etc. 

Tuition: $12,873

Kit Cost: $1,627

School Address: 710 SOUTH TONOPAH DRIVE LAS VEGAS, NV 89106.

8. Avalon Institute

The esthetic program offered at Avalon Institute has a curriculum that best prepares students for a remarkable career in esthetics and state licensing exams. 

It offers a variety of programs such as:

Cosmetology, Esthetics, Makeup Artistry, and more.

Tuition: Not Available 

Kit Cost: Not Available

School Address: 2650 S Decatur Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89102

9. Carmen’s Beauty Supply

Carmen Beauty Supply is one of the diverse esthetician schools in Las Vegas because its classes are instructed in English, Spanish, and Italian. 

The institution holds classes in skincare, facials, eyelash coloring and perms, hair coloring, and modern haircuts. 

Tuition: Not Available 

Kit Cost: Not Available 

School Address: 5132 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89146

10. Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy 

Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy completes the list of best esthetician colleges in Las Vegas. 

The institution offers a Beginner Pro Makeup Program, anx are also regarded as the best makeup school in Las Vegas.

Tuition: Not Available

Kit Cost: Not Available

School Address: 6543 S Las Vegas Blvd Ste 200 Las Vegas, NV 89119


The esthetician schools in Las Vegas as you have read are best in the collection of beauty programs. So it is left for you to make your choice that suits you.

For further enquiries concerning these Institutions, login to their website and see how the programs are runned Including its commencement in 2023.

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