15 Best Girls Backpacks That Ace Back-To-School Style

Your daughter has just completed her primary school years and is now continuing her path at secondary school. This is a very big step for any child and should be honoured with the purchase of a new school backpack.

The school backpack is great for girls and teenagers, school or leisure and sports. Find a durable, roomy, and easy-to-carry backpack that will get your girls excited to head back to the classroom.

When the school year begins, a recurring issue is that of backpacks and their proper use. Several studies have determined that being overweight in school backpacks is closely linked to back pain.

School backpacks don’t always have to look boring and plain. In the list below you will find a selection of the 15 best girls’ backpacks that ace back-to-school style.

15 Best Girls’ Backpacks That Ace Back-To-School Style

A backpack is more like a helper that helps you accommodate your things whenever you need to go out, so that you can easily carry things on your back when you are walking or climbing.

Let’s see a review of the 15 best girls’ backpacks that ace back-to-school style:

1. Pottery Barn PBK Recycled Floral Backpack

This backdrop has a lot of pockets, straps and gear loops, it is the best backpack for your baby girl. It has a place that holds their lunch boxes and personal items as well.

This bag is made of recycled plastic bottles and it’s large enough to contain all her books but not large enough to discomfort her.

2. L.L.Bean Explorer Backpack

This backdrop has a high-quality design with not too many pockets. This is the perfect back-to-school backdrop for your girl.

This backpack encourages exploring in the classroom and outside the classroom. It can take anything your rough-and-tumble young lady can dish out.

3. Star Wars Iridescent Grogu Backpack

Another name for this bag is Baby Yoda, this is one of the best girls’ backpacks. It is very adorable

The main compartment even comes with a padded laptop pocket. Adjustable straps feature Star Wars-inspired artwork.

4. Posh Peanut Ruffle-Strap Backpack

The most attractive part of this bag to girls is the pink floral exterior, it is complemented by a turquoise interior and accented with ruffles along the straps and edges.

5. Wildkin 15-Inch School Backpack

This backpack is perfect for early elementary, Backpack for Kids Features Padded Back & Adjustable Strap, Ideal for Schools.

It has Two padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back to provide comfortable wear, while the durable top handle is perfect for hanging in a locker before heading to class.

6. Joymoze Joymoze Print Backpack

This backpack is perfect for a girl that tends to lose her things easily because there is space for everything you might want to put inside the bag.

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7. REI Co-op Tarn 18 Backpack

It has a comfortable, padded back panel with channels for ventilation, padded, adjustable straps, and a great articulated waist belt with two pockets, perfect for storing snacks or treasures.

It has a stretchy and expandable zipperless pocket on the back. 

8. Pottery Barn PBK Glow-In-The-Dark Space Backpack

This is a  lunch bag in fun prints that kids will love. Having a glow-in-the-dark backpack is going to be an interesting one for your girl child. The beauty of this bag is out of this world.

The beauty of this bag may be underrated during the day, though it’s still beautiful.

9. LEDAOU School Backpack

This is a perfect choice for your girl if she owns a laptop, It comes with thick shoulder straps and handles which are attached with extra stitching to carry heavy loads without worry and will not rip after a long time of use. 

Upgraded durable SBS zipper, make your girls open and close the bookpack easily and smoothly.

10. Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Logo Backpack

This Polo Ralph Lauren backpack is another good option for your girl. It features adjustable straps and two exterior pockets that can carry anything she wishes to take to school.

11. Bansusu Geometric Design Backpack

This geometric print backpack is made of high-density nylon fabric, non-toxic and anti-tear Comfortable, it is durable and comes with a smooth zipper.

Available in two sizes for your little or not-so-little girl, this design is cute, and roomy, and comes highly reviewed, you can check Amazon for some of the reviews by parents. 

12. Kavkabox Pop-It Backpack

This backpack comes with a lot of storage, it is durable and recommendable for your child. There is enough space for him or her to pack extra toys (for smaller kids)

13. Wonder Nation Sequin Unicorn Backpack

First of all, this bag is sold at $15 at Walmart, the most amazing thing is that it comes with a front pocket as well as mesh pockets for water bottles.

14. Fjällräven Kånken Rainbow Backpack

What I love about this bag is the straps and handles, as well as the foam insert that can be used for cushioning and shape or an impromptu seat pad.

This backpack is based on a Swedish design from the ’70s. It’s been updated with a lively pink colour and rainbow straps that still maintain a vintage vibe.

15. Herschel Supply Co. Donut-Print Backpack

We love the nostalgic silhouette of this girls’ backpack from the Herschel Supply Co. But the vintage references don’t stop there.

This classic donut design from The Simpsons is complemented by the iconic “sky and clouds” background featured in the show’s opening sequence for a main compartment that’s both cute and roomy.


In conclusion, Backpacks are not just something to carry books in like the original design was meant for. Many people use them for carrying clothes and other personal items, or just to add a little style to their outfits.

They are particularly helpful to students in the school who have many books to carry.

Many companies produce backpacks such as Eastsport. Each calls their bag something different but it all means the same thing, a bag that is meant to be worn on the back and carry things in instead of walking around with a million and one items in your hands. 

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