15 Best Magazines And Newspapers For Children And Teenagers

Are you in search of the best magazines and newspapers for your kids?

if you have been searching for magazines or newspapers for your kids. 

Then allow me to show you the best magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers in this article.

What Is A Kid’s Newspaper?

Kid’s newspaper is a non-profit free monthly newspaper that is published in Spokane, Washington. 

The newspapers are circulated through elementary schools at the start of every school month.

Generally, kids’ newspapers value the parent-child relationship and aim to support and build a stronger community. 

Now, let’s look at the best recommended magazines and newspapers for your kids.

15 Best Magazines and Newspapers For Children And Teenagers

Below is a comprehensive list of the 15 best magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers.

1. Dot

Dot magazine is a quarterly print and one of the best magazines for boys and girls under the age of five. 

The children’s magazine was launched in 2015 and they are available online.

The magazine is also ad-free and distributed through kid’s boutiques, schools libraries, newsstands and bookshops.

2. Okido

If you want your kid to develop and learn more about science, perhaps it’s time to introduce them to this monthly art and scientific publication. 

Okido is a monthly art and science publication designed for kids in the United Kingdom.

It is seen as the perfect monthly publication for young kids. 

It introduces coding, observation, creative ideas, and experiments to young children.

3. Storybox

Storybox is a magazine designed for kids between the ages of three and six.

It is one of the amazing ways to educate young kids. It helps young children in reading short and longer material.

Generally, each Storybox magazine has over 50 pages. It is filled with adventures, interesting characters and comics. Just so you know, the text is divided into short paragraphs, easy for kids to read and understand.

So, If you have an inquisitive infant between this age range, they would love the adventures and comics in Storybox.

4. Juno

Juno is another magazine any parent would want for their kids. 

This children’s magazine is considered a classic.

On average, Juno offers the best to young children and it’s the magazine kids need to read to develop appropriately.

5. Chirp

If you have a young kid who is trying to perfect his or her reading skills, perhaps you should check out the Chirp magazine.

Chirp is a magazine designed for kids specifically between the ages of three and six. 

The magazine is specifically made for growing minds and contains colorful pages, engaging stories, early learning activities, and silly jokes.

Chirp is a handy and classic short burst of text with exciting illustrations and comic strips. 

Boys and girls between the ages of three and six will enjoy this wonderful magazine.

6. National Geographic Kids

When it comes to geography and nature, it’s something more suitable for kids between these age ranges. 

The articles are appropriate for children in primary schools and it contains the perfect information and photography.

It is a recommended magazine for kids between the ages of six to twelve.

7. Brilliant Brainz

Brilliant Brainz is next on our list of best magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers. 

This is an interesting magazine designed for kids aged six to twelve.

This is the perfect magazine for inquisitive kids who want to expatiate their knowledge in science and technology. 

Reading this magazine will teach young minds the concept of science and technology.

Kids will understand the value of innovation and the importance of creativity from an early age when they read this magazine. 

8. First News

First News remains the leading newspaper for kids, teenagers, and tweens in the United Kingdom. 

It’s considered an interesting and vibrant weekly newspaper designed for kids between the ages of seven to fourteen.

Yes, teenagers can grab this amazing magazine and would love what they did. 

This is a magazine that can be used at homes, school libraries, or in the classroom.

9. The Week Junior

Just like First News, the Week Junior is also a vibrant weekly newspaper for kids and teens.

If you attend a school that runs a debating club, current affairs quiz team, school newspaper, or podcasting, this magazine is the perfect option. 

It can serve as a source of inspiration for these academic events.

10. Adventure Box

If you are a kid who likes real-life stories and adventures, this magazine is the perfect text for you.

Adventure Box features longer chapter stories. The comic strips are exciting, engaging and well-illustrated.

If you are a parent, this magazine is one of the best and most interesting magazines for your kids. Specifically for children between the ages of six and nine.

11. Lego Life

Lego Life makes it to our list of best magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers. 

Although the magazine is free for children between the ages of five and nine.

This is a quarterly magazine that contains comic characters, posters, and activities. 

It also contains examples of the reader’s Lego creation.

Lego Life is a motivation for kids to develop the best storytelling ideas.

12. Aquila

This contains information on science, history, as well as geography. 

Aquila magazine is designed for young brilliant minds specifically for kids eight years and above.

Each edition of Aquila magazine is an inspiration for discoveries in science, history, and geography. Aquila can be handy in homes, school libraries, and classrooms.

Most people agree that Aquila is one the best magazines for kids in primary schools. 

The positive effect of this magazine cannot be overlooked. It’s a tool that helps teachers provide extension ideas for talented pupils.

13. Britannica Magazine

Britannica is a vibrant monthly magazine that encourages young minds to think and be inquisitive to know more about science, history, and geography.

So any kid who is interested in science, history, and the natural world will enjoy reading this magazine. 

Britannica covers both science and history as well as the natural world.

It’s a useful magazine for homes, school libraries, and classrooms.

14. Cubic Magazine

Cubic Magazine is a vibrant monthly publication designed for kids between the ages of eight and twelve. 

The magazine covers and examines a different topic in specific detail every month.

The magazine contains different exciting topics for each month. 

15. My Mini Garden

This is that last of the best magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers.

Kids between the ages of seven and eleven will enjoy this interesting and colorful magazine. 

It’s packed with well-written guides, practical activities and quizzes. 

My Mini Garden is useful at homes, school libraries, and in the classroom.

Magazine Subscription For Teenagers

List of Free Children's Magazines | LoveToKnow
Newspapers For Children And Teenagers

You are already familiar with the best magazines and newspapers for children and teenagers. 

Here are age-appropriate materials for teenagers.

1. Girls Life Magazine

As a parent who has a teenage daughter, you need to make her happy with a subscription to Girls Life Magazine.

Girls Life Magazine is designed for young minds between the ages of ten and fifteen. It offers quite entertainment and inspiration for each reader. 

It also provides tips for dealing with stress, coping with school, and achieving academic success.

As we said earlier, you teen girl will be happy with a subscription to Girls Life Magazine.

2. J-14

This is a magazine, especially for teens and if you are wondering what J-14 stands for, it’s Just for Teens.

J-14 Magazine provides what most teenagers are interested in. 

Teenagers are always looking up to different celebrities. The magazine provides news about their  celebrity and entertainment gossip.

The magazine also includes other exciting features such as games and quizzes. 

So, If you have a teenager who is interested in entertainment gossip, J-14 Magazine is the best option for her.

3. Girls World

This is another magazine for girls, but specifically for young minds between ages seven and eleven. 

Girls World is a fun magazine with lots of exciting features. 

There are recipes, quizzes, party ideas, fun animal facts and much more.

This magazine remains an inspirational source for young girls in their early stages of development.

4. Muse

Muse Magazine is designed for both teenage boys and girls. 

If your teen is interested in video games, genetics, space exploration, robotics, mythology, or bookkeeping, Muse Magazine is the best option.

Each issue focuses on assisting readers to develop unique thinking skills. 

They contain high-quality photography to help readers understand more about the earth and outer space.

5. Sports Illustrated Kids

If your teen is interested in sports, help them keep up with the world of sports through Sports Illustrated Kids Magazines.

This is the perfect magazine for young minds who enjoy every moment of watching their favorite team. 

This magazine provides readers with sports news and interesting stories.

As a parent who has a sports-loving teen at home, support their love for the game with a subscription.

6. Young Rider

This magazine is for young minds interested in horse riding. The title contains tips for taking care of horses and it’s aimed at teens and tweens.

It’s always better to learn horse riding in the early stages of life. 

There couldn’t be a time more perfect than this one.

Readers of this magazine can send their content to Young Rider if they choose to.

7. Scout Life

This is the perfect magazine for young boys who want to join Boy Scouts. Young boys between the ages of seven and fourteen can draw inspiration from this magazine.


We have listed the popular and best magazines and newspapers for teenagers. 

They are handy and you should try and get it for them when next you visit the mall.

With this, I hope you now know what is necessary. Do well to like and follow our page.

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