Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Guide – How To Unlock

There is a place in Elden Ring found in the Liurnia region called the Carian Study Hall. This area contains a few useful items you can loot. However, it’s mostly important because it leads to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

The Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring is an optional, small dungeon meant for magic users and daredevils. 

Though the study hall is relatively small and with few enemies, the enemy it does bare is one tough enemy in the game as it spams magic attacks at a consistent rate.

The Carian Study Hall is on Liurnia’s eastern landmass. You can get here by starting at the Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, easily accessed by going northeast from Academy Gate Town.

From the eastern lake shore, take the road east and follow its southern path. This will directly lead you to the entrance of the Carian Study Hall.

The Carian Study Hall has two forms: its regular layout and its inverted one. There are items you’ll only be able to pick up when the area is in its regular form and some that are only obtainable when the hall is inverted

One of the many things that make the study hall a tough adventure is that you can’t invoke other players or Spirit Ashes. 

Immediately you enter, all you can do is use the wooden lift further into the building, behind the wall. Once you reach the second level, you’ll want to tread carefully. 

To your right will be a Golden Rune x3 to loot. There are Fingercreepers on the ceiling waiting to jump down on you, so keep one eye up. To your left is where the boss fight will trigger, once you walk up the stairs.

The Carian Study Hall is one of these thrilling locations but it comes with an equally challenging boss that you will find hiding within. 

Talking about the boss, some are easy, some are hard, and some are extremely difficult to deal with. From your first steps in Limgrave all of the way to the throne of the Elden Lord.

To me, Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Malenia is perhaps the hardest boss across the storied history of the Soulsborne genre. 

Not only do her attacks hit so incredibly hard; not only does she have a wide range of deceptively timed combos; not only does she heal after landing every blow; but her Waterfowl Dance attack is perhaps the most devastating attack across any of the FromSoftware games.

The rest of the fight has a beautiful and deadly rhythm to it, one worthy of the hardest boss in Elden Ring. The satisfaction that comes from finally defeating this very impossible boss is intriguing.

In this article, we will be looking at how to unlock elden ring Carian study hall guide.

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Guide – How To Unlock

When players first get into the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring, there’s only so much that can be achieved. The sorcerer that waits inside can be taken out, and players can climb the rafters in the ceiling, but there is nothing special at the end of it.

However,  players need a key for full access. When first entering the Carian Study Hall in Liurnia, there will be a globe that will ask for a key. 

Except this key is found, the Carian study hall will be closed, in this article, you will learn how this can be unlocked:

Firstly, you’ll need to triumph over Caelid’s main boss, located beyond Redmane Castle in the southeastern corner.

Immediately that is done, clear the hidden secret boss in the Black Knife Catacombs in Liurnia.

To access the hidden boss, climb on top of the last giant blade trap and ride it up to the upper level, then destroy an illusory wall to reveal the boss door.

Take the Black Knife Mark you obtain from the boss back to Rogier at Roundtable Hold.

Rest and return to Rogier and he’ll be able to tell you more.

Head northwest of Caria Manor in northwestern Liurnia and go into Ranni’s Rise on the west and speak to Ranni.

She’ll turn you away, so return to Rogier and speak to him again.

He’ll suggest you offer Ranni your service, so go back to Ranni and do just that.

She’ll see right through you, but it doesn’t matter. Next, travel to Mistwood in eastern Limgrave and go through the crater in the ground to reach Nokron, Eternal City.

Once you reach the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, drop off the ledge to the rooftops and follow the path to the end of Night’s Sacred Ground.

Find the giant corpse sitting on the massive throne and go underneath it to loot the chest and find the Finger Slayer Blade.

Bring the blade back to Ranni, and she’ll give you the Carian Inverted Statue.

While looking around, you may have noticed there’s space for an item on the altar as soon as you enter the hall. This is where the Carian Inverted Statue goes. Once you place the statue on the altar, it will invert the Carian Study Hall.

So there you have it. This is all you need to do to unlock and invert the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring. 


Elden Ring is definitely the hardest/most difficult of the FromSoft titles to date and it is a persistent struggle to the end but the sense of accomplishment you’ll have after the game will be a good one.

Don’t forget that dying is a major part of this game as it makes you learn from your deaths, do not be discouraged from dying it’s part of the game, and not everyone can be an Elden Ring hitless/deathless prodigy so you’re safe knowing that you’re not the only one dying to this games deadly and fierce bosses/enemies.

Finally,  you can see that unlocking the Elden ring Carian study hall seems actually easy. We recommend you follow all of the steps in this guide to complete the process quickly.

And now that you know how to unlock this study, let us know in the comment section if this guide worked for you.

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