10 Free Doctorate Degree In Theology Online

Gaining a doctorate in theology online can open up many doors of opportunity and provide an opportunity to learn more about faith, scripture and the practices of various religions.

For those looking to pursue a higher degree in theology, it is now possible to do so free of charge. 

A free doctorate in theology online offers a range of options for those who wish to gain the qualifications needed to become an expert in the field of religious studies.

With no tuition fees, you can access a wealth of educational resources without having to invest in expensive textbooks or pay for costly transportation.

Below are 10 free doctorate degrees in theology that you can get at very little cost. 

Free Doctorate Degrees in Theology Online

1. St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary Doctorates in theology.

This university provides free online doctorates in theology with concentrations in pastoral theology, religious ministry development, the new testament, the old testament, and evangelism.

Graduate degree programs at St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) are non-academic, career-focused, fast-tracked religious master’s and doctoral degree programs.

These programs are strategically tailored to suit your specific area of interest and help you achieve your career goals while studying online from anywhere in the world.

2. The Esoteric Interfaith Church’s Doctor of Theology program

This program is designed for the theorist, an enthusiast of the scriptures, ancient holy books, folk tales, symbols, alphabets, and languages.

 It is also known as the Th.D which is the religious equivalent of the PhD.

The institution requires you to prepare a 4,000-word thesis or dissertation on any spiritual subject of your choosing.

A minimum one-page spiritual history detailing the role that religion and spirituality have had in your life from childhood to the present is also required.

3. Northwestern Christian University Doctorate by dissertation

This free doctoral degree offer from Northwestern Christian University entitles students to free enrollment as well as a free online audit of the complete program. 

Upon graduation, those who want a 90-day doctorate award must make a small service fee.

When compared to the tuition at a conventional university, this implies significant savings. 

You will receive a Northwestern Christian University degree that is duly certified, sealed, and signed.

There aren’t any hidden fees or expenditures associated with enrollment, and books are free too. 

4. Trinity Graduate School of Theology’s Doctor of theology program

Graduate distant biblical courses in apologetics, theology, and Christian ministry are available from the institution at no cost.

The ThD is an advanced-level theological diploma program where students delve further into biblical and theological themes. People with a solid foundation in theology are a good fit for the course.

Students must have a master’s degree in any field, but theology is preferred, and they must complete the course in two years.

The university will send extra course materials if necessary in order to make up for any theological gaps in case your master’s degree is not in theology.

5. Master’s Online Doctor of divinity

Senior clergymen who meet the requirements may apply for this competency-based upper-level ecclesiastical doctorate degree. 

The criteria for admission to this program are actual achievements.

 The evidence of what is already known, what is being done, and validation of Biblical competency in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology are all required steps in the degree-earning process.

6. IICSE University’s Doctor of Theology (DTh) program

Another of the best places to study Christian theology and earn a free online PhD in theology is IICSE University.

 There are no tuition fees associated with this online, distance-learning university.

All students are given free access to books and lecture materials.

IICSE levies a one-time Application Fee of 45 USD/Euro and an Exam Fee of 50 USD/Euro for each examination to fund the expense of processing the test in order for the University to stay financially viable.

The three-year Doctor of Theology program has two semesters every year. 

The students must complete at least five courses in each semester, with one exam allowed for each course.

The University upholds the general tenets of age, level, expertise, and qualifications, allowing students to advance through their educational growth and certifications at a pace that is suited to their capability.

7. ISDET’s Doctor of Biblical Studies

For those who want to choose a PhD program in Bible/theology after finishing their MBS, ISDET offers a free online doctor of theology degree. Out of all their PhD programs, this one has the lowest workload.

Doctoral-level orientation in Bible and Theology is the goal. You need an MBS from any theological school or any other type of master’s degree to be eligible for this doctoral degree.

The student will take courses in Essential apologetics, General apologetics, Bible, Biblical backgrounds, Canon, Ethics, History, Practical Life, and Theology while pursuing a doctorate.

There are no tuition fees associated with the program. The program’s required textbooks are all available for free online download.

No hidden or tuition fees are ever requested. Nonetheless, everyone from advanced nations must pay a minor admission charge which is the registration cost. 

This is less than the cost of tuition that in some other institutions, they would be required to pay for a single credit hour of instruction.

All students will also need to pay a nominal graduation fee, regardless of where they are from. 

This sum covers the cost of final exams, printing, and diploma and transcript packaging.

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8. ISDET’s Doctor of Christian Theology program

For individuals who want to choose a more in-depth study and specialty in Christian Theology, there is this program. The workload for this program is among the highest of all the PhD programs we offer.

The course is appropriate for people who want to include Biblical Theology heavily into their practice.

You must hold a master’s degree in theology from a recognized seminary to be eligible for this program.

Those with a theological background and a master’s degree from a nonreligious institution may also apply, but only if they are aware that they will need to take additional courses to make up for their lack of theological training.

In two years, the program is supposed to be finished. By paying an annual extension fee, you can extend it for a number of years.

There are no school fees, just registration fees and of course textbooks are free and are available online. 

9. ISDET’s Doctor of Christian Apologetics program

This free doctorate in theology online program is for those who wish to opt for a very thorough study and specialization in Christian Apologetics. 

This program has a very heavy workload. The program is suitable for those who plan to make apologetics a major part of their ministry. The program is expected to be completed in 3 years.

No tuition fees or hidden fees, only small entry fees that everyone from developed countries needs to pay. 

Also, All students will have to pay a small amount at the end of the program as Graduation-fees. 

10. North Central Theological Seminary’s Doctor of Divinity program

This is one of the greatest online free doctorate programs in theology, and the institution provides partial or full scholarships to help students pay their way through it.

Based on how well they pass on an online test of biblical evaluation, the full scholarships pay up to 80% of the student’s tuition.

The program’s estimated duration after that is between 14 and 24 months. Before applying, the student must also have a master’s degree.

After reading the PDF texts provided for a course, Doctorate students are asked to submit a twelve-page essay for unsupervised learning.

The twelve-page essay must comprise an introduction on the first page, nine pages of critical analysis of the topic, and two pages of summaries and conclusions.

The student is required to construct a set of twenty-five multiple-choice questions and offer responses to those questions in a Question & Answer format after finishing the essay component of the exam.

An online submission of completed tests is required for grading.

If the student does not finish the test before the deadline for the supervised learning, they will be fined $35.

Final Remarks 

In conclusion, a free doctorate in theology online is a great option for those interested in furthering their religious studies.

 It offers the same high-quality education as traditional degrees, but with greater flexibility and cost savings.

 By studying online, students are able to take advantage of a wide range of courses that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Also, It is important to research the school offering the free program carefully to make sure it is accredited and will meet all of your academic needs.

All these being said, what free online doctorate in theology would you like to get first? We await your answers in the comments section. 

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