Fun Learning Games For 7-8-Year-Olds

Educational games are the ideal complement to promote learning in a playful way for 7-6 years old boys and girls. They also serve as reinforcement of what has been learned in the classroom.

At the age of 7, children’s interest in sports and active group games, crafts, science games, and board games increases.

At this age, play is very important: for managing emotions and creating their personality. And a fundamental factor: to learn to lose! something that is not always easy at this age.

Do you remember how you learned mathematics or language when you were 8 years old? It certainly wasn’t the funniest thing in the world and am sure you want your kid to have a better experience.

To build a good relationship and help them grow in autonomy and self-esteem, play is essential. The same happens in the case of parents: the game favours the affective bond with the children.

Be flexible and adapt the game to his personality. Pay attention to their reactions. If he gets bored, let him stop. Teach him that the rules must be respected, but also that they can be changed, as long as everyone agrees.

Make sure the child wins once in a while (but do it right, because at 6 years old kids can tell if you let them win on purpose), but don’t let them win all the time. Children get bored with routine; therefore, try to change the type of game: cards, dolls or word games… Any option is good as long as there is variety because each game involves acquiring different skills

This article will enlighten you and review the fun learning games for 7-8 years olds.

Fun Learning Games For 7-8-Year-Olds – Reviewed

How to know which game is right for a child? Do not look only at age, because children are unpredictable. They may get excited about a game that you think is suitable for younger children, or perhaps the game that you think is age-appropriate is too difficult for them. 

Why did we choose these games for children from 6 to 7 years old? Because they are perfect games for an afternoon with the family or with a babysitter. Here are some ideas.

1. Mastermind Game

Mastermind is a difficult puzzle game, in which one player tries to guess the code their opponent comes up with. Originally a board game, though with roots in earlier pen-and-paper games. 

Mastermind is now widely available online and for mobile devices as well. The game improves strategic thinking, logic and reasoning skills in children.

When playing this game, the Codemaker creates a secret code and the Codebreaker tries to match the code using logic and even a bit of luck. After each move, the code maker gives the Codebreaker clues. 

To make the code more challenging, choose multiple pegs of the same colour or leave one or more peg holes blank. 

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2. Card Games For Children

Sometimes a deck of cards works better than a room full of toys to kill boredom. Why are the cards in this selection of games for children from 7 to 8 years old? Because playing cards, the child trains memory, attention, and the ability to observe, gets used to counting, and recognizing numbers and begins to do the first simple sums. 

Does anyone give more? To all this, we must add how beneficial gestures as simple as shuffling and dealing with the cards are. All this will help the child develop his fine motor skills through the movement of the fingers, so necessary to write well at school.

As to which card games are best for kids this age will depend on several factors. Some 10-year-olds have never played cards and 5-year-olds who have been playing since they learned to count. Just find out their level.

3. Monster Physics

Monster Physics is a fun, engaging tool that kids can use to explore the principles of physics. Monster Physics uses colourful graphics and fun missions to teach kids about physics through exploration and experimentation.

While playing the game, build structures and machines to help the monster reach the fruit or get to the finish line. You can also build and operate your car, crane or rocket ship!

It supports children to improve their learning skills, physics knowledge and logic. In addition, a separate learning section introduces players to basic physics concepts such as friction, force, mass, acceleration and more.

4. Hopscotch Game

This is an old game, played in various corners of the world, which works on balance, logical reasoning, visual and motor coordination, and the notion of space, among other skills.

The 8-year-olds can already help from the moment of setting up this scenario. You will only need to draw or chalk the squares on the floor and number them from 1 to 9 and, at the top, a square with the word “sky”.

The game begins by throwing a pebble at house 1. Then the child alternates jumping on two feet and on one foot – without stepping on the house where the pebble is – up to “heaven”. On the way back, you need to collect the pebble in the square you are in.

5. MentalUP

MentalUP is a scientific and entertaining educational app consisting of 60 entertaining exercises to improve thinking skills for 5-12-year-old children.

It supports children in developing mental as well as attention, memory, problem-solving, logic, visual and verbal skills

By using MentalUP Educational Games, you can support your child to develop perfectly in many areas, from mathematics to visual intelligence, from focus to attention, and from motor skills to verbal intelligence.

Frequently Asked Question 

  1. What can I teach my 7-year-old at home?

Fun learning activities for 7-year-olds

  1. Language games
  2. Phonic games
  3. Memory games
  4. Listening games
  5. Action games
  6. Tactile games
  7. Screen games


Fun learning games will keep children happy and engaged. These fun games are created to inspire children and develop competencies, talents, and skills, thus giving them maximum exposure.

Most people think of games as being strictly recreational. But this does not necessarily have to be the case, a game just makes learning more fun. 

Hope you and your children will enjoy the games that we have listed for you!

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