How To Start Homeschooling In California 2023

Homeschooling is the type of K-12 education where instruction is directed by parents from the comfort of their homes. Families choose this school for many reasons, but safety and freedom tend to be the most common.

In homeschooling, parents have the freedom to choose their own curriculum and personalize their schedule, which is why it’s so popular with young performers and show characters.

During the pandemic, school at home became very important and many families had the opportunity to experiment with new academic strategies and some have discovered that school from home is an option that is very well suited to the needs of their children.

In California, parents or guardians can legally homeschool their children by registering with the California Department of Education (CDE) and following certain requirements.

Are you considering homeschooling as an option for your children, but you don’t know where to start?, in this article, we will give you a full guide on how to homeschool in California 

How To Start Homeschooling In California 2023-Guidelines

Homeschool is legal in California, just like it is in every other state. However, it does have some very specific guidelines that parents need to be aware of.

1. File An Affidavit: Parents or guardians who choose to homeschool their children must file an affidavit with the California Department of Education (CDE). The Private School Affidavit (PSA) is required to be filed by every private school in California between October 1st and 15th of each year.

Prior to starting the affidavit filing process, please ensure that you have all of the required information needed for the process 

2. Teach Required Subjects: Homeschooling parents or guardians must teach the approved subjects which include; Maths, reading, social studies, and science.

Pay attention to the curriculum and be sure it suits your child’s age.

3. Keep Attendance And Progress Records: Homeschooling families in California must also maintain records of their children’s education, including attendance records

Your records will help keep you organized and aware of your children’s progress. They will also be verification of your validity as a homeschool.

4. Have A High School Diploma Or Equivalent: The law is that as a homeschooling tutor or parent, you must have a high School Diploma or a certified tutor with teaching experience 

5. Take A Nationally Recognized Achievement Test: The state law requires each homeschool to administer a nationally standardized achievement test, or another nationally standardized equivalent measure, to all homeschool students annually until they graduate.

The California Achievement Test is one of the most widely used and accepted national achievement tests.

6. Instruction In English: English language is the official language of homeschooling, therefore parents or guardians must ensure that their child receives instruction in English.

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Advantages Of Homeschooling

There are several advantages to homeschooling including;

1. Differentiated Attention: in homeschooling, the tutor or parents knows the educational history of the student, therefore making it easier for them to know the learning pace of the students and how best to handle it.

2. Flexible schedules: another benefit of homeschooling is flexibility in schedules and deadlines. In this way, parents can choose where and when they want to homeschool their children. They can also choose the best time for a break ensuring the curriculum fits the child’s need

3. Individualized Learning: Homeschooling is a good way for children to focus on their own interests while learning 

It allows them to learn at their own pace, feel free to ask questions and allows children to learn at their own pace and focus on their own interests. 

4. Stronger Family Bonds: Homeschooling strengthens the family bond because it provides children with the opportunity to spend time with their parents and siblings 

5. More Opportunities for Socialization: people feel that homeschooling denies students their opportunity to socialise but homeschooling can actually provide many opportunities for socialization because they can participate in community activities, sports teams, and other social events

Homeschool Associations & Support Groups In California

There are many homeschool associations and support groups in California that can provide resources and support for homeschooling families. Here are 7 examples:

1. Christian Home Educators of Fresno AreaFresno (CHEFA): This is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of providing information, training, and support to the Christian Home School Community of the greater Fresno area.

2. California Homeschool Network (CHN): This is a secular homeschool association that provides information and support to homeschooling families.

Membership perks include discounts for events and publications, quarterly newsletters,access to their Facebook group and many more

3. Christian Homeschoolers Of LodiLodi: 

Christian Homeschoolers in Lodi (CHIL) was formed in 2003 by some homeschooling moms who wanted to have a Christian Support Group in the Lodi area.

It is a homeschooling group for Christian families in Lodi, California. They offer support, resources, and activities for homeschooling families in the area.

4. HomeSchool Association of California (HSC): it is a non-profit organization that supports homeschooling families. They offer information and legal advice to every homeschooler, whether they are a member or not but as a member there are bonus packages for you and special access to events

5. Christian Home Educators Association Of California (CHEA): It is a non-profit organization that provides information, support, and training to homeschoolers based on Christian values. They also have bonus packages for their members 

6. Modern Parents SocietyOrange County: 

They are a social support group for homeschooled families. They offer live kid’s clubs for gardening, nature exploring and painting outside for homeschoolers living throughout Orange County, California. 

It is free to join. Kids Clubs are designed to inspire learning while also offering a social outlet for kids to connect. Their activities change with the seasons.

7. Catholic Homeschoolers Of RiversideRiverside: They are a Catholic Homeschooling community of families in Riverside, California. They offer support, resources, and activities for homeschooling families in the area.

They are under the guidance of Father Ted of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Riverside. They have monthly masses, confession, adoration, park days, Saint feast day celebrations, mom’s nights, and field trips 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How many days are required for homeschooling in California?

175 days

2. Do you need a work permit if you’re homeschooled in California?

Yes. homeschooled students must get permits from an administrator other than their own parents.

3. How many students homeschool in California?

Nearly 450,000 people 

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Finally, homeschooling can be a great option for families who want to have more control over their children’s education 

Do well to proceed with that decision as it comes with numerous positive packages.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article 

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