Jobs for Introverts Who Are Bad at Math

It’s no secret that introverts don’t always get the most desirable jobs. But if you’re an introvert who isn’t good at math, there are still plenty of jobs. You just need to read this article as we talk about some of the best jobs for introverts who are bad at math.

Best Jobs for Introverts Who Are Bad at Math

There are many jobs for introverts who are bad at math. These include:

1. Writing

Writing is a great way to get paid for your passion. You can write in various formats, from long-form journalism to short blog posts and social media content. You can also choose the audience you want to reach—whether an online magazine or your local newspaper, you’ll have an opportunity to make money by writing about whatever excites you most.

The best part? You don’t need any math skills whatsoever! Writing has become increasingly popular over the last few years because employers are looking for writers who aren’t afraid of being considered “difficult” (aka introverts).

Many careers in journalism require at least some writing ability and strong communication skills. However, if this doesn’t come naturally, don’t worry.

There are plenty of other ways we’ve found introverted people can succeed without formal training in math or science after high school graduation day.

2. Research

Research is a job for introverts, and it involves finding information and analyzing it, often working alone. This can be done in many different fields: science and technology, medicine, business management and finance, social work, or education—the list goes on.

The main advantage of research over other jobs is the ability to conduct experiments without worrying about other people’s opinions or reactions.

If you’re not good at math or science but still want to do your own thing with your own ideas rather than following orders from someone else, as most jobs require, this might be one way for you.

3. Editing

Editing can be an introvert’s dream job. It involves reading and writing, both of which are strengths for those who lack the social skills necessary to work in an office setting. It also allows you to do it from home, so it’s ideal for people who hate leaving their cozy nests at all-day hours.

Editing will allow you to hone your writing and editing skills while working on your schedule. If this sounds like something that would suit your personality well, you can get started.

4. Medical Data Transcribing

Medical data transcribing is your job if you are good at listening, writing, and speaking in an interview. You will be working with medical records from doctors’ offices and hospitals to assist patients in getting the care they need.

You’ll need a good understanding of medical terminology and procedures in order to do this job well. You’ll also need to have an eye for detail. If a patient’s record says “left knee,” but their x-ray shows it’s actually right knee, then your work could be invalidated by a clerical error.

5. Copyediting

Copyeditors work with writers and editors to ensure that published works are free of errors. They may also review content for editorial accuracy, making sure that an article’s facts are accurate and up-to-date.

Copyeditors do not have to be math majors; however, they should be comfortable working with numbers and statistics in general. Their job requires them to check facts, grammar, style, and tone to ensure everything is written clearly enough for readers within their field (e.g., medicine) or audience (e.g., non-native English speakers).

6. Art

Art is a good fit for introverts because it allows you to work alone. You can create art in your home studio or on the go, using online tools and applications that allow you to share your creations with others.

The creative process requires a lot of creativity, which introverts tend to have as their default mode of operation.

Art also lends itself well to remote work because there are no set hours (or even days) when the only way is forward; instead, you can work whenever you feel like it—which might be great if you’re an introvert who doesn’t like being tied down by office life.

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7. Videography

As a videographer, you’ll be responsible for creating and editing videos and also need to know how to use the equipment and software involved in making these videos. In addition to this, you will likely have a degree in film or video production.

A career as a video editor can be lucrative—a 2009 study by Staffing Industry Analysts found that the average annual salary was $62,041—and hiring agencies are always looking for talented applicants with an eye toward technology innovation and new media trends. Additionally, many companies rely on freelancers rather than full-time employees for their projects, saving money.

Most people who work as freelance filmmakers have flexible schedules that allow them to take advantage of freelance programs such as Upwork or Freelancer, which are basically websites where businesses post jobs.

8. Library Science

Library science jobs are for introverts who want to work in a quiet environment and help people find information. You can be alone and focus on your work or go to events with other librarians and talk about what you’re doing. The best part is that the job itself doesn’t require much math.

Many libraries have computers where researchers can read articles or books online, and this is where it gets cool. If someone needs help finding something specific online, they’ll ask one of their fellow librarians who know how to use Google or another search engine quickly.

They’ll give them an answer right away so that person doesn’t have time to wait around while they figure out what they’re searching for, which would take hours. 

9. Design

Design is a creative field that uses math to create solutions. Designers are problem solvers, so it’s no surprise they use math to edit images, videos, and web content.

In addition to the skills, you’ll learn in this program, and whether or not you’re an introvert, other factors determine how well someone will perform as a designer: their self-control and ability to stay focused on tasks at hand.

10. Web Content Writing/Development.

If you’re a math person, and your introverted tendencies keep you from taking on a job requiring lots of numbers, there are other options for those who would rather write than crunch them. Web content writing/development is one option.

You can work with websites or blogs to produce articles and other written material, such as podcast scripts or social media posts.

If you want to branch out into more advanced roles in this field (such as developing site maps), learning how to make your writing SEO-friendly will be helpful–and becoming familiar with voice search is also recommended.


1. What Job Does Not Use Math?

Judges, acupuncturists, and elevator repairmen are just some professions that people who don’t like math can pursue. For more stories, visit the Business Insider homepage.

2. What Should I Major In If I’m Bad At Math?

Early childhood education may be the best option for people who don’t want to do anything with math. During your studies, the prime field of focus will be children’s development, speech and language development, and coordination.

3 What Should I Major In If I’m Bad At Math?

Early childhood education may be the best option for people who don’t want to do anything to do with math, so the prime field of focus during your studies will be on children’s development, speech and language development, and coordination.

4. Can Be Bad At Math Become Good?

Many people feel that they are not good at math and will never be able to improve, and this is not the case. According to studies, success in math requires as much, if not more, effort than innate ability.

5. Can You Be Successful Without Math?

Can you be successful without math? Yes, you can be successful without math.

6. Can I Be A Psychologist If I’m Bad At Math?

There are some specializations in psychology were being efficient at math is helpful but not required.

7. What Field Of Math Is The Hardest?

Algebra is an aspect of mathematics that studies symbols and the rules that govern how they are used.

8. Can You Program If You’re Bad At Math?

“That’s certainly not a barrier to becoming a web developer.” According to web developer Charlotte O’Hara, not only is it easy to learn to code without knowing math, but besides routine arithmetic, most web development projects don’t rely on math.

9. What Are Introverts Usually Good At?

Introverts are usually better listeners.

10. Is Being Bad At Math A Disability?

Dyscalculia is a learning disability in mathematics. People with dyscalculia struggle with math on many levels.


We’ve covered some of the most common jobs for introverts who are bad at math. If you’re an introvert, finding your niche and making a career out of it is important. It can be difficult to break into the workforce when everyone else is better at what they do but don’t let that stop you from trying.

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