10 Well-known Student Holiday Destination

Are you exhausted from school stress, and wishing you could just disappear for a moment? Maybe you are eager to forget about the essay, assignment deadlines and relax somewhere on the white-sand beach or at an underground party during the summer break, then this guide is exactly for you.

So many times students who want to go on vacation usually find it difficult settling for a destination, but with the guide in our article of the top 10 student-friendly holiday destinations, we are sure you will find inspiration for this year’s summer break.

Yes, you might be thinking a proper holiday is far from being a reality, but if you adhere to our carefully scrutinized deals and student discounts, you will figure the best destination to enjoy the sun, snorkel, or party all-night-long without exceeding your budget or breaking the bank.

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One distinct thing about this location is the history surrounding it, it may seem history is lurking around after the nook and cranny of the place, with its historical canal houses, a canal World Heritage Listed system, and an artistic atmosphere. It is a place where you can gulp history while letting your hair down.

Things you should do:

You can’t afford to go to Amsterdam without getting to ride a bicycle along the canals, discover the secret Wooden House which was built in 1548, and also take an interactive tour in the previous brewery of Heineken.

2. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

One of the seven Canary Islands popular for idyllic beaches and remarkable ecological diversity is known as Tenerife. If you are a traveler in search of a vibrant holiday experience in a natural paradise, then you should be talking about Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Things you should do:

Do not end your vacation in Tenerife without climbing Mount Teide, snorkelling, and surfing in the Teide National Park. Do not also forget to walk above the clouds, and also swim in the natural pools.

3. Berlin, Germany

Speaking of one of the trendiest cities in Europe, Berlin, the capital of Germany, is an exciting location for a student holiday. Maybe people travel to the metropolis in their numbers as a result of its underground nightlife, flourishing arts scene, and hip vibe.

Things you should do:

During the day, you should check out the sights and galleries of Museum Island, and take a walk along the Berlin wall. Then, at nightfall, explore the bubbling nightlife of the best European clubs.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

No doubt, you will fall in love as soon as you behold the beauty of the “Pearl of the Adriatic” old town because it does nothing other than taking you down memory lane along cobbled streets lined by noble Baroque stone buildings. Aside from the old city walls lurked with history, you can have a bathe in the deep blue Adriatic at the well-known Banje beach or catch a taxi-boat to Lokrum islet with its botanical garden and generously coloured peacocks.

Things you should do:

Before leaving the city, ensure you take the Game of Thrones walking tour, go sea kayaking, and finally, walk through the city walls.

5. Zante, Greece

Do you find parties, especially on the beach very interesting? Then, quit the search because Zante is the best choice for you. You should spend the day exploring the beautiful caves and receiving sunlight on hidden beaches, while during the night, you can spend the whole time clubbing along the major Zante club strip.

Things you should do:

Take the most beautiful pictures when you visit one of the most photographed beaches – Shipwreck beach, go snorkelling at Porto Limnionas, and finally party hard in Zante.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and it is known to be a great destination for students who want to enjoy their holidays at a location where there is a lot to do and see at an affordable price. After you must have a long day seeing the city, the next thing to do is to relax and chill with a cold refreshing beer at a local bar and connect with new international friends.

Things you should do:

First, you have to relax in one of the Budapest baths, explore the Danube River, and the Buda Castle. Don’t forget to stop by for a drink in a ruined bar.

7. Ibiza, Spain

The good news about this Spanish island is the proximity, therefore, the flight fee won’t cost you a fortune and interestingly, the environment is exotic enough that you can enjoy the summer while getting tanned under a palm on a white-sand beach and surrounded by famous DJs.

Things you should do:

Walkthrough the narrow streets of Dalt Vila “Upper Town”, and explore the wildlife while drooling over beautiful views.

8. Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal lies the perfect combination of a beach and city break. The most historic streets of the city are ones you shouldn’t miss, even the pink street features Lisbon’s active nightlife. Half an hour from the center, you will locate the city’s jaw-dropping Guincho Beach.

Things you should do:

Pay a visit to St George’s Castle, even get lost in the LX Factory district, and lastly, have fun while listening to the live fado music in one of the clubs or bars.

9. Prague, Czech Republic

In  Prague, there are a thousand and one things to enjoy, ranging from the intriguing architecture, exciting history, popular beer, fantastic food, and abundant nightlife.

Things you should do:

Here is a list of things you should do; wander through Prague Castle, visit the building known to be the 2nd ugliest in the world, and then dance the weekend away into the weekdays.

10. Essaouira, Morocco

If you want to leave your comfort zone and visit somewhere outside of Europe, then Essaouira is a place to be. The town is known for its colourfulness, and is located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast makes it the perfect place to learn how to explore a new culture.

Things you should do:

Do not leave Essaouira without going kitesurfing, walking, swimming, or riding a camel, and also check out the local fish market.

With everything we have said, you do not need to be confused about a perfect holiday destination for you as a student. While the perfect destination could mean different things to different people, you too can choose your perfect destination from the aforementioned destinations. 


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