List Of High Schools In Chile

International high schools in Chile are the perfect place for students to learn and prepare for college.

So, If you are a foreigner or a domestic student looking for the top high schools in Chile to start this journey.

Then, take your time to read this article, and you will be satisfied with the schools we have for you.

List Of High Schools In Chile

Below is the list of the 10 top high schools in Chile that you can enroll in as an international student or a domestic student.

They are as follows:

1. Lincoln International Academy

Lincoln International Academy is a private bilingual high school in Santiago, Chile. 

It is known for providing top-quality high school education to young minds.

As a bilingual high school that is, Lincoln International Academy is home to domestic and international students who are eager to learn.

There are two campuses of this school which are the Lo Barnechea Campus and the Chicureo Campus in Santiago. 

So, If you are eager to know more about Lincoln International Academy, you can visit the school’s official website.

2. The International Preparatory School

The next top high school in Chile is the international preparatory school.

This school has been recognized and acknowledged as a center for Cambridge international examination. 

That’s why the school uses a British curriculum,

And students who graduated from this school easily obtain academic qualifications which are acceptable for admission to universities in the United Kingdom.

At International Preparatory School, the school year begins in March and ends in mid-December. 

This high school is divided into two semesters and it observes a three-week winter break in July. 

The school also has one week break in September for the Chilean National Holiday. 

The school also offers an optional summer program in January.

The International Preparatory School offers about 11 different high school subjects in English as the first language for AS and A Levels (4) and IGCSE. 

Students at the International Preparatory School can also sit for language examinations in their native languages (Dutch, Japanese, Korean, French, etc.)

The International Preparatory School also provides exciting extracurricular activities. 

When students are not engaged in academics, they can participate in sporting activities.

Students at the International Preparatory School enjoy every moment of playing football, basketball, or tennis.

The students can also participate in cheerleading, gymnastics, music, drama, or karate.

You can get more about International Preparatory School by visiting the official website.

3. The SEK CHILE International School

SEK CHILE International School is the first educational institution of the SEK International Institution in Latin America.

This International Institution has expanded across America and Europe. 

This is one of the top high schools in Chile that offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

The SEK CHILE International School is recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Education to teach early childhood, basic and secondary education. 

This school is also accredited by the Cambridge English Language Assessment Exam Preparation Centre.

The SEK International Institution’s accomplishments include schools and universities established in America and Europe. 

You can check for information about the SEK CHILE International School on its official website.

4. Southlands Schools

Southlands Schools is an excellent educational institution for students with over 300 students including international students.

As a bilingual high school, Southland is dedicated to raising and preparing students for

College and university education by offering top-quality education to students of different nationalities. 

The facilities at Southlands are what any student would hope for. Classrooms at Southlands Schools are air-conditioned.

The school has a functional library, music room, science laboratory, computer laboratory, tutoring rooms, etc.

More information about Southlands Schools is on its official website.

5. Santiago College

Santiago College is one of the oldest private high schools in Chile which was established in 1880 by an American methodist.

This school is a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and also a member of the European Council of International Schools,

Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), International Schools Association, and many more.

To find out more information about Santiago College, visit the school’s official website via the link below.

6. Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio

Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio or Scuola Italiana Santiago is an Italian international school in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. 

Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio has scuola infanzia (pre-school) and scuola secondaria di II grado (upper secondary school).

Just like any other high school, Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio is an international and bilingual school with a campus equipped with the basics of standard education.

This campus has 52 standard classrooms, three football fields, two bocce fields, four multipurpose fields, two tennis courts, and two swimming pools.

7. The International School Nido de Aguilas

The International School Nido de Aguilas is a private non-profit co-educational institution established in 1934 which has remained an active bilingual international school.

This high school provides education in the English language to the native and international community of Chile.

As an international secondary school, Nildo de Aguilas students come from different countries across the world. 

According to statistics, Nildo de Aguilas has a student body that comprises 50 countries.

With the best and most qualified teachers, Nildo de Aguilas uses a North American-style program.

Classes at Nildo de Aguilas begin in July and ends in June. 

The International School Nido de Aguilas offers the Chilean National and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Get more information about Nildo de Aguilas on its official website.

8. Craighouse School 

Craighouse School is one of the finest private co-educational and bilingual schools in chile. 

The school is also recognized by the Ministry of Education and is part of the Chilean Educational System.

The school offers top-quality education from pre-school, primary to secondary level. 

This high school also offers a Diploma Program to prepare students for college and university. 

You can get more information about Craighouse School on the official website.

9. Lycee Francias Antoine de Saint Exupery de Santiago (LAFASE)

This high school is a bilingual (French and Spanish) educational institution in Santiago, Chile.

LA FASE has two campuses across Santiago. 

Lycee Francais Antoine de Saint Exupéry de Santiago Chamisero Campus was established in May 2012.

The Chamisero Campus was officially open to the public in May of the following year.

However, the maternelle officially opened in February of 2013, a few months before the Chamisero Campus was opened. 

This school is one of the best for students who want to enroll in a French curriculum.

10. Santiago (Colegio Aleman De Santiago)

The next high school on the list is an international German school in Santiago, Chile. 

Deutsche Schule Santiago is among the top international high schools in Chile.

Deutsche Schule Santiago or Colegio Aleman de Santiago (Spanish) are known to have a large student enrolment. 

The number of students currently at Deutsche Schule Santiago is about 2,000.

Cerro Colorado campus in Las Condes is where the school holds its preschool classes. 

The Vitacura Campus is for years one through six, while the Las Condes Campus is for secondary education.

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These international schools are the best place to study at the secondary level in Chile.

The schools are bilingual and offer internationally recognized diplomas to students of different nationalities.

So consider applying for one today!

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