15 Most Useless Degrees In 2023 

As college tuition prices continue to skyrocket, it is increasingly important for prospective students to be mindful of their educational choices and make sure they are investing in degrees that will offer them the greatest earning potential. 

With the ever-changing trends in technology, business, and economics, certain degrees may become increasingly obsolete as time passes.

In this article, we’ll discuss 15 of the most useless degrees in 2023, highlighting the potential pitfalls associated with each one.

Most Useless Degrees To Get In 2023

1. Content/Creative Writing

A degree in creative writing has never been regarded as respectable. 

Being a creative writer wouldn’t be a particularly difficult task for anyone, but it is a degree that may be earned in college.

You are not required to hold a degree in creative writing to work as a scriptwriter or content writer.

 Writing creatively or being creative is something anyone can do, not just people with degrees in writing.

So, getting a job after toiling for a writing degree may be hard and totally not worth it. 

2. Theatre Arts

Anyone who can easily copy others or change character can be a good actor. 

Acting involves mimicking and this is what anyone with the right talent can achieve. 

However, actors and actresses will tell you that studying theater art is the gateway to a successful acting career, meanwhile, you can learn how to act by watching YouTube videos or taking other online classes. 

Also to become successful in this field doesn’t require a degree at all because you can become popular simply by having a good online presence. 

3. Ethnic and Civilization Studies

Even from the name, you can tell why this course earned a spot in the list of the most useless Degrees in 2023. 

The intercultural and international studies degrees are very similar to this course. 

However, businesses that are currently in existence might not value your capacity to interact with a certain population only for research.

You may choose to turn your passion for learning about different cultures into a degree in international relations, increasing your chances of finding a job that will be relevant for a long time.

4. Intercultural and International Studies

Sociology covers all forms of society and so do sociologists. A degree in sociology is almost identical to intercultural and international studies.

Although the sociology degree is more prestigious and has a better opportunity to captivate the attention of employers than the intercultural and international studies degree.

5. Travel and tourism

 The outcome of this pointless degree isn’t all that tempting, despite the glamor and sparkle of travel and retreat.

Students who major in travel and tourism get knowledge about the finest places to visit, how to get there, and how to enhance the tourist experience during their education.

After they leave school, graduates with degrees in travel and tourism have few work prospects. 

While many enter the area with the intention of becoming famous Instagram travellers or successful vloggers, the reality is that many settle for boring and conventional office jobs.

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6.  Music

An individual with a degree in music may participate in extracurricular activities like a jazz band or a marching band, sing in the chorus, perform in the band, or do other things.

Additionally, they devote a lot of time to classes that cover music history and composition. Even more so, those who major in music may choose to concentrate on conducting or composition.

Since their industry is so specialized, music majors sometimes struggle to find employment when they graduate.

Most music majors end up leading worship at church or providing music classes. 

If you have a music degree, your chances of becoming a successful musician are very slim.

7. Computer Science

Getting a computer science degree may give you the idea that you will have a successful profession as soon as you graduate. 

Even though computer science degrees are currently some of the most expensive in higher education, the unemployment rate does not match the expense.

A computer science degree is among the most useless college degrees due to the unemployment rate connected with degrees in the field.

In summary, getting a degree in computer science is challenging, and exhausting, and there are few opportunities to land a good career with it. 

9. Advertising 

Many people still think that earning a degree in advertising is a great privilege, and so many people choose to get this degree.

 If you intend to pursue a future career in advertising, you might want to look at the major’s unemployment rates.

When we consider the effects of social media and internet advertising, we cannot deny that advertising can be beneficial in today’s society.

However, spending years in school to get a degree in advertising is not so advisable. 

10. Anthropology and Archeology

Few individuals are interested in anthropology and archaeology, despite the fact that these topics are only covered on nature channels.

Many people are still pursuing degrees in anthropology and archaeology despite all of these factors. a decision where there is little to no prospect of landing a good and well-paying job.

Simply having a name-only degree with nothing of value to show is not enough. Little wonder this degree falls under the category of the most useless degrees in 2023.

However, you can earn a master’s or PhD to improve your chances of finding employment with this degree.

11.  Fashion Design 

There are many fashion designers in the fashion industry, and the competition is becoming fierce. This is the result of a design talent competition with too many designs and styles. The fashion industry is out of fresh concepts that will catch and retain the attention of people. 

It is slightly questionable that a recent graduate with a degree in fashion has the assets and resources necessary to build a career in fashion design.

If pursuing a profession in fashion design is your main objective, think about working hard to improve your portfolio and then create a fashion blog to express your creativity and fashion knowledge.

12. Tourism and Hospitality

Despite the reduction in travel following the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism industry is still one of the most prosperous sectors of the economy. Travel agencies and airlines both earn tremendous profits.

But even without a degree in tourism or hospitality, one could succeed in this industry.

Graduates in tourism and hospitality can profit from the lucrative opportunities available in the travel industry even though it does not guarantee high pay.

13.  Education 

What is regarded as useless for one person may be gold to another. In this case, a degree in education can be said to be one of the most useless degrees in 2023 for some individuals. 

This may be due to how unprofitable teaching or other jobs in education may be. Being a teacher is great, but financially and career-wise, this degree is kind of useless in the real world. 

14.  Criminal Justice

After viewing TV episodes or movies, many people are motivated to pursue careers as detectives and investigators. 

However, what you see in the movies is usually far from reality.  In movies, actors and actresses portray criminal justice in a variety of ways.

In this modern time, many law enforcement organizations no longer demand that new hires have a bachelor’s degree and as such, a criminal justice degree is seen as being useless and having value.

15. Religious Studies 

One good reason why people go to school to get a degree in a particular subject or career is so that it could be financially lucrative to them in the future. 

Even if studying the spiritual side of life could pique your curiosity, it might not be financially advantageous for you. 

With a religious studies degree, you could end up with a job that pays little money but leaves you with a lot of student loan debt.

Consider alternative options like majoring in something else and minoring in religious studies or training that might be covered by a local religious organization.


It is clear that some degrees may be less beneficial than others in 2023. However, prospective college students should not be deterred from pursuing any degree if they truly love it.

Nevertheless, it is important to research the job market for a particular field and understand what qualifications employers are looking for before enrolling in a program. 

Additionally, it is important to balance career goals with personal interests and passions. With the right amount of planning and research, any university student can choose a degree that will lead to success in the future.

Do you know any other of the most  useless degrees in 2023? Please share your opinions with us in the comments section. 

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