NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate

NYU Stern University School of Law has a very competitive acceptance rate. When you apply to NYU, you must submit your application and all required documents by a certain date.

If your application gets rejected, there are no second chances, and you must wait until another year’s application cycle opens before applying again.

To learn more about getting accepted into NYU Stern ED and other law schools, read on. 


NYU Stern is one of the top business schools in the US, and it’s a private university. It’s located in New York City, an exciting place to live if you’re looking for an urban experience.

The undergraduate acceptance rate at NYU Stern has been consistently high since 2000. The most recent data shows that around 30% of applicants get accepted into their first-choice program. This is higher than many other top institutions (e.g., Harvard) but not as high as Stanford’s 73% or Yale’s 59%.

NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate

The NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate is around 20%. This means you have a good chance of getting into this prestigious school, but it’s not guaranteed.

The acceptance rate at NYU Stern has increased over time, so more students are applying and getting accepted every year.

This is because there are fewer applicants than there will be seats available at the end of each academic year (along with other factors).

As far as Ivy League schools go, NYU Stern’s acceptance rate is lower than others, such as Harvard and Princeton.

But it’s still higher than most other private universities in New York City, including Columbia University and CUNY Hunter College.

In addition to being selective academically and competitively competitive financially (which can be hard for some people), these schools also require an interview process before deciding if Someone should be able to attend their next fall semester.

NYU Statistics

The University of New York, commonly known as NYU, is a private research university with Manhattan and Abu Dhabi campuses.

The school’s main campus has over 30 buildings on its 300 acres, not including the other two locations (one in Washington D.C. and another in Shanghai).

It’s no wonder NYU has been ranked among the top universities worldwide for business and finance education by U.S News & World Report for six consecutive years.

In fact, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019/20: Top 20 Undergraduate Campus Rankings this year, NYU ranks #4 worldwide among public institutions for economics degrees – which makes sense considering how many students study here each year (over 13,000).

What Do You Need To Be Admitted To NYU Stern?

To be admitted to NYU Stern, you must:

  • Have a good GPA, SAT score, and ACT score.
  • Write an impressive application essay.
  • Have strong letters of recommendation from professors you’ve worked with or other industry professionals who can speak to your achievements, such as internships and research projects.
  • Talk to a counselor or professor about what will make it easier for them to write your recommendations (e.g., if they know you well enough).

You can also decide to apply to several schools and scholarships, but be sure you have a solid backup plan if you don’t get accepted anywhere. The more options you have, the better your chances of getting into a good program.

What Is The NYU GPA Requirement?

The NYU Stern admission process is very competitive, so it’s important to understand the school’s GPA requirements before applying. The minimum required GPA for students from the United States is 3.4 on a 4.0 scale (on a 4-point scale).

This means that if you have a 3.6 or lower in high school, your chances of getting into NYU Stern will be much lower than Someone with an average or higher GPA.

Suppose you are applying as an international applicant and want to be considered for any university scholarship.

In that case, we recommend considering this when deciding whether or not you should submit your application and how many points off your SAT/ACT score(s) need to change before they’re acceptable under their own country’s standards.

What NYU SAT Scores Does Someone Need To Get Accepted?

The average SAT score of admitted students is 1360, with a median of 1310. The 25th percentile SAT score is now 1290, and the 75th percentile SAT score is officially 1450.

If you have a solid academic background and are well-known within your community, you may wish to consider applying for entry into NYU Stern’s MBA program if your test scores are high enough. However, it does not guarantee admission into this highly competitive program.

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To Get Into NYU, What ACT Scores Do I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, the acceptable SAT score for admission to NYU Stern is 1460, and the average ACT Composite is 32 (on a 50-point scale).

If you have an old copy of your test scores, we recommend taking them again. It’s always good practice to review your previous scores to see how they compare with those of other students who have been accepted into NYU Stern.

If your SAT or ACT scores are above the median for each school’s target group and if they’re not too far below either one—you may still be able to get into NYU Stern. Keep in mind that these numbers don’t tell us everything about how well you’ll do in college.

They only serve as indicators over time. You might want to consider getting additional information from people who’ve been through this process before. 

Ask friends who went through high school with similar grades/high school activities/etc., as well as teachers who know something about what kind of person might end up being successful at college after graduation day (this could include having worked hard enough on academic subjects).

How To Apply To NYU For Early Decision?

You can apply to NYU Stern by submitting your application online. You will need to pay a $75 nonrefundable application fee and submit official transcripts, test scores, recommendations, and essays.

You should also check out their website for any additional requirements that may be required of you before submitting your application.

Deadlines For NYU Applications

The deadline for NYU Stern’s ED application is November 1st. However, you can submit your application as early as October 1st to qualify for an early decision scholarship.

The deadline for RD applications is January 1st and the regular decision period lasts from April 1st through May 31st of that year.

Tips for Getting Into NYU

In addition to the application, you should also research the school. Research their reputation and what past students have said about it. The best way to get this information is by reading reviews on websites like Google and Yelp. You can also ask fellow students who have been accepted into NYU Stern school if they think it will be a good fit for you as well. 

Another thing that could help is asking for advice from people who have been successful at whatever field you’re interested in pursuing during high school or college, whether it’s Medicine or Finance (financial planning), Engineering (electrical engineering), or Law (law major).

These individuals might even know of some scholarship opportunities available through their respective universities’ financial aid offices. 

Can I Get Admitted To NYU Stern ED Despite The Acceptance Rate

NYU Stern is a very competitive school and has a high acceptance rate. However, you could be admitted with hard work and a great application. 

NYU is an elite institution that maintains its reputation as one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. As such, it attracts applicants from around the world looking for opportunities like this one, so you should expect your chances of being admitted to be quite good.

The school has an overall yield rate of 88% – meaning only 8% of applicants get rejected from NYU Stern yearly. If you apply early enough (and have strong essays), there’s still hope for your dream admission. 


1. Does Applying Ed To NYC Increase Chances?

As we’ve noted before, applying for Early Decision boosts applicants’ chances of admission, and NYU is no exception to this rule.

2. Is NYU Stern Hard To Get Into?

NYU Stern’s Undergraduate College is a destination for some of the best students worldwide. Admission is very selective, and all applicants are carefully considered through a comprehensive process.

3. How Many Ed Applicants Does NYU Get?

NYU received over 19,000 Early Decision (ED) applications, a 12% increase over fall 2021. This includes increases in the first-generation, underrepresented, and international applicants.

4. Do All Ed Applicants Get An Interview?

The school will make every effort to grant an interview to any applicant who requests one. Due to the limited number of alumni volunteers and geographic distribution, it is not always possible to interview everyone.

5. Can You Get Rejected In Ed?

Yes, and yes. Statistics show that applying early, particularly Early Decision (ED), which is binding, can have a positive tipping effect on your chances for admission. That being said, ED or EA is not for everyone, and you could be rejected outright if you are not at least a strong candidate for the school.

6. Is NYU Stern Better Than Columbia?

Yes, U.S. NEWS places Columbia higher in its Best Business School rankings than Columbia.

7. Is NYU Stern Ivy League?

NYU is not among the eight Ivy League schools; however, its top academics and athletics are considered equal to those of the Ivy League.

8. Is Ed More Competitive Than Rd?

Among ED, EA, and RD, Regular Decision arguably has the least competitive applicant pool and usually also the lowest acceptance rates. 

9. Are Ed Applicants More Competitive?

However, the ED pool typically includes highly qualified candidates who can put together solid applications in the fall of their senior year. Overall, the early decision process has the most competitive applicants, which can make it harder for your application to stand out.

10. Is Ed Easier To Get Into?

The advantage of the Early Decision (ED) application is that the acceptance rate for ED applications is sometimes two to three times higher than the regular decision acceptance rate at the same schools.


NYU Stern ED has a very competitive acceptance rate, but with a great application, you could be admitted.

Despite NYU Stern’s ED Acceptance Rate, the best way to get into NYU Stern is through your high school counselor or guidance office, and they can help guide you through applying and getting accepted. Don’t hesitate to drop your opinion in the comment section. 

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