Top 16 Roblox Educational Games

Roblox is an online platform that allows users to create their own virtual world and play with millions of other players. 

Roblox allows you to do anything from playing games, fighting warlords, joining a gang, or even starting your own business

It is one of the most successful games in the world and its potential is such that it went public with a value of no less than 4,000 million dollars. 

And just like with platforms like Netflix, sometimes the oversupply is overwhelming and it becomes very difficult to select a game. Therefore, below we offer you a list of the top 16 Roblox educational games.

Top 16 Roblox Educational Games

Although it is clearly a subjective selection, since doing it arbitrarily is impossible, this can be a guide for you:

1.Adopt Me

adopt me! It is a great game. The main idea is to adopt an animal to be your pet in the adventures of the game. 

In addition, you can also decorate your house in your style with many decorative elements. 

The game is updated several times with new content, so there will always be something new every few months.

2. Piggy

Probably one of the most popular Roblox classics, Piggy is a horror game that can be played alone or with friends. 

In the survival horror genre, players must survive a deranged pig that will try to kill them all and that can be controlled by artificial intelligence or by another player. 

The idea is that the survivors cooperate with each other to complete tasks and escape Piggy’s clutches. In turn, the hunter will do everything possible to find their prey and eliminate them. 

Without any kind of explicit violence, escaping from this possessed Peppa Pig became one of the most fun hobbies for boys

3. Welcome To Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the best games out there on Roblox. In it, you can build, decorate houses, perform different jobs, play various sports or just explore and have a relaxing time. 

It’s great for playing with friends, and hundreds of thousands of players can attest to that every day.

Although it is paid, it is worth spending the 25 Robux it costs. It is a very complete, entertaining experience, with many things to do!

4. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Imagine creating an amusement park with your friends! Well, Theme Park Tycoon 2 gives you a golden opportunity. 

You will receive a piece of land at the beginning of the game, and from there the limit is your imagination. Choose between numerous pieces of decoration, create the attractions step by step and design the place of your dreams. 

If you play with other players, you will be able to do great wonders, this game is very educational.

5. Work In A Pizzeria

In Work in a Pizzeria, you have the opportunity to participate in a virtual business! Collaborate with other players to satisfy your customers and grow your pizzeria. 

Each player is in charge of one or several specific tasks, and together you have to manage the business to make the place everyone’s favourite pizzeria.

6. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural Disaster Survival is a great option if you are looking for Roblox games to play with friends. In each run of this game, players have to survive natural disasters.

Anything can happen: Floods, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, spreading viruses, and more! They are fast and not very repetitive since all kinds of situations are generated, and even more so with crazy players.

7. Zombie Uprising

In Zombie Uprising, you and your friends must fill constant waves of zombies with lead. In your favour, you have a good arsenal of weapons and improvements, which you can buy with what you earn in each round.

The hordes become more and more dangerous, with more ferocious zombies. For that reason, there’s nothing better than rubbing shoulders with your friends and working together to take down all the brain-eaters you see.

8. All-Star Tower Defense

All-Star Tower Defense is a strategy game whose objective is to repel waves of enemies and defend your base. 

To achieve this objective, you will have to recruit and place units throughout the battlefield. Wave after wave you will be able to add more units and improve them, but beware, the enemies grow in number and power.

That is why it is ideal to play in a company since it is very useful to have allies in this game.

9. Flee The Facility

Flee the Facility is a good alternative to Piggy. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis game is almost the same because you will be either a hunter or a survivor.

The hunter is on a mission to catch the survivors and put them in capsules. The survivors, to escape, need to collaborate and complete a series of tasks. 

When a Survivor is captured, it’s best for others to cooperate to rescue him. The more that remains in play, the better!

10. Anime Fighters Simulato

Anime Fighters Simulator challenges you to defeat strong enemies. 

To do this, you have to join forces with other friends, collect fighters and train them to defeat any opponent. 

One of the attractions of this game is to collect dozens and dozens of characters, and see how you progress day after day. If you love fighting games, this is a good choice and it’s educational.

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11. Meep City 

With over 7 billion views, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular games on Roblox. 

It is a lifestyle game in which users will participate in a real-life simulator by creating their characters, with their clothing, their house, their pet, and their friends or partner. 

The infinite possibilities that MeepCity offers make it a very social game and its growth have no ceiling. In the style of The Sims, this creation is an ideal alternative for boys.

12. Jailbreak 

The classic and never forgotten game of cops and robbers. Jailbreak is another of the many free Roblox games that is a success. 

The game features different maps and scenarios and is divided into two teams: cops and robbers. The ones have to catch the others, and the others don’t have to be caught by the ones, while they are going to go around the map and loot the city.

With a very large community, Jailbreak is another very educational option.

13. Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator is a survival horror game that will put all your friends to the test. The goal of this game is to survive all the levels that the elevator takes you. 

At  each level, a surprise awaits you… None of them are good! Sometimes you must escape from a creature, or sometimes you will have to go to a specific place. 

A game quite suitable for groups of friends.

14. Deathrun

Deathrun is a survival and racing game that puts a player as the mastermind of obstacles and traps. 

In other words, the other players are at your mercy! The mastermind can decide if and when to activate the traps. 

The fact that it is unpredictable forces survivors to be as sharp and smart as possible, as any mistake will cost them the game.

15. Dungeon Quest

It is a classic RPG (role playing game) although located in the world of Roblox. 

In the style of the popular title Diablo or World of Warcraft, Dungeon Quest will force you to work side by side with your friends to conquer the most dangerous dungeons and regions. 

Looting, fighting, strategy, everything you expect from an RPG you can find in this game.

16. Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy became one of the sensational games within Roblox, with more than a million users. 

As its title indicates, aviation is the main theme, but it won’t just be getting on a plane and flying it. In this game, you will be able to create your own planes and compete against other users, although you can also play without having to face anyone. 

In addition to planes, you will be able to create drones, rockets, space cars or whatever you can think of that you can assemble.


These games are not just educational but also very fun.

Do try all the sections and tell us your favourite.

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