Sorbonne University Acceptance Rate In 2023

Sorbonne University is one of the top universities in France. With over 40 departments and programs, it offers students a wide variety of courses and degrees.

This article will give you an overview of what it is like to apply to Sorbonne University and how competitive its acceptance rate is with our Sorbonne University acceptance rate in 2023.

About Sorbonne University

The Sorbonne University is an institution whose history dates to the 13th century and is a top-ranked university in France, Europe, and the world.

Sorbonne University (Sorbonne Université in French) is a public research institution located in Paris, France. In 2018, the institution was officially founded by the merger of Paris Sorbonne University and Pierre et Marie Curie University.

Despite the merger of several institutions in 2018, Sorbonne University dates back to the 13th century in 1257, when Robert de Sorbonne founded Sorbonne College as part of the University of Paris.

The school is well known and highly regarded throughout France and worldwide for its educational excellence.

Sorbonne University accepts about 50% of applicants to its undergraduate programs each year, with an acceptance rate that’s above average among universities in France.

Sorbonne University Programs

Sorbonne University provides a range of courses for domestic and international students. 

The institution has a program structure divided academically into three separate segments, and programs are delivered in English and French.

The three academic segments are the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Letters, and the College of Medicine.

Admission To Sorbonne University

The Sorbonne University admissions process requires all applicants to first apply and confirm their chosen study program before they can be accepted into the program.

  • Application Portal – All applicants from countries outside the European continent who work with Campus France are expected to apply through the “Study in France” section of the official Campus France website.
  • CVEC fees – €92

Sorbonne University Tuition Fees 

Sorbonne University is an institution for most international students. 

With an acceptance rate of 100% and free tuition, Sorbonne University has built a reputation for attracting large numbers of domestic and international students.

Tuition for international students enrolled in undergraduate programs is no more than $1,000 per year, and the same amount applies to those enrolled in master’s programs. 

The institution is affordable, which explains why international students make up 20.6% of the student population.

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Below are tuition costs by the program. The tuition fee is fixed based on the student’s chosen program period.

  • MSC in French and other Foreign languages (2 years). Estimated amount – $35,943
  • MSC in Urban Development and Planning (18 months). The estimated amount is $45,344
  • Executive Diploma in Sports Management (1 year). Estimated amount – $14,350
  • Professional certificate in archival and file services. Estimated amount – $8,170
  • Master’s degree in applied sociological research (2 years). Estimated amount – $39,077
  • Master in Banking and Finance: Banking and Financial System Law and Regulations (2 years). Estimated amount – $45,344
  • Master in Environment: Dynamics of Territories and Societies (2 years). Estimated amount – $48,478
  • MSC. in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies (2 years). The estimated amount is $45,344
  • Master in Health Economics (2 years). Estimated amount – $45,344
  • MSC in an art museum and history studies (2 years). The estimated amount is $51,612
  • Master in International Business Law (2 years). Estimated Amount -45,344
  • MSC in International Law, International Relations, and Diplomacy (2 years). Estimated Amount – 45,344
  • Diploma in Intensive French (1 year). Estimated amount – $13,271
  • Diploma in intensive French courses – evening courses (2 years). Estimated amount – $20,002
  • Full bachelor’s program (3 years). The estimated amount is $58,615
  • Master in Applied Foreign Languages: Special Management and International Business (2 years). The estimated amount is $45,344
  • MSC in Management, Marketing, Communication, and Media (18 months). Estimated amount – $45,344

Sorbonne University Acceptance Rate

The Sorbonne University acceptance rate is very competitive, with an average of only 12% for American applicants. The school has a very selective application process and will only accept the best students.

The acceptance rate at Sorbonne University is 100%. With such a percentage, the acceptance rate at Sorbonne University shows that all applicants are accepted.

The institution has demonstrated the ability to accommodate a large number of students, with 42,330 currently enrolled in various programs.

At the Sorbonne, the presence of international students can also be noted, numbering 8,743, representing 20.6% of the entire student population.

Sorbonne University’s acceptance rate makes it a preferred destination for international students.

However, the institution has several requirements that international students must meet, including the submission of official transcripts, financial documents, GPA, and course-specific requirements before applying for programs at Sorbonne University.

Sorbonne University is an institution based in France; therefore, the French language is used in teaching. International students applying for higher education are expected to have good skills or knowledge of French.

If you are an international student intending to attend the Sorbonne, we strongly recommend having a B2 or C1 level in French.

The Department of Medicine requires all international applicants to have a mandatory C1 level in French.

Sorbonne University Admission Requirements

Below are the basic requirements for admission in general and for admission to a specific course for international students.

Since Sorbonne University has a less competitive acceptance rate, providing the following should not be a problem.

  • Your academic transcript from high school or college.
  • Application form (duly completed).
  • CVEC certificate.
  • Entrance ticket.
  • Health insurance.
  • Student and Campus Living Allowance (CVEC) receipt certificate. The CVEC fee is €92, set by the French legislation “Student Orientation and Success,” and requires a mandatory payment upon registration.
  • Registration fee €100 in three installments.
  • Level B2 or C1 in French.

There are some specific program requirements for international students at Sorbonne University. Admission requirements for the College of Science and Technology are

  • Proof of MoveOn registration (French or English)
  • PDF printed applications
  • Cover Letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • Official school transcripts
  • Official identity card with a size of 35×45 mm


  • Must be pursuing a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Before registering abroad, you must complete at least one at IUB
  • You must have a CGPA of 3.0 or higher


What GPA Is Required For Sorbonne?

80% or higher is required for all high school applicants. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for graduate study.

How Selective Is The Sorbonne?

The University of Paris XIII (Sorbonne Paris Nord University) is another less selective French university based in Paris.

Does Sorbonne Accept International Students?

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne welcomes thousands of foreign students annually through exchange programs or full mobility.

Is It Hard To Get Accepted To A French University?

On the French side of the university spectrum is the “grandes écoles,” elite institutions that subject applicants to a highly selective admissions process. 

These usually culminate in a forced interview with members of the teaching staff and school management, in most cases in French.

What University Will Accept A 3.5 GPA?

The University of Iowa, the University of San Francisco, and California State Polytechnic University at Pomona accept students with a 3.5 GPA average, making them great options.

What Is The Lowest GPA A University Will Accept?

Unofficially, a 2.0 is the lowest GPA accepted into a standard college, so while there is a chance that college acceptance is possible, it is not likely at more than a few institutions.

Do You Need To Speak French To Go To Sorbonne?

You must have a sufficient level of French (written and spoken) before arriving in France. Please note that most of our courses are conducted in French. 

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consolidate your knowledge of French before entering Sorbonne University.

Is The Sorbonne Expensive?

There are no tuition fees at French public universities. Still, there are modest registration fees, as most of the cost of these educational programs provided at public institutions is covered by the state.

Do They Speak English At Sorbonne?

Sorbonne University is proud to offer several world-class master’s programs taught entirely in English.

Is The University Of Paris The Same As Sorbonne?

The University of Paris (French: Université de Paris), metonymically known as the Sorbonne (French [sɔʁbɔn]), was the premier university in Paris, France, operating from 1150 to 1970, except from 1793 to 1806 under French rule.


Sorbonne University is the right choice if you’re looking for a school that will prepare you for success.

With a wide variety of majors and departments, there are plenty of options for any student who wants to get ahead in their field. 

The university also has a very competitive acceptance rate, so if you’re interested in applying, check out this article today.

We hope this article on Sorbonne University acceptance rate has proved helpful. Do well to share similar academic goals with your friends and loved ones.

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