20 Storybooks Online for Children 

Reading is an essential part of developing a child’s mind; it helps to ignite their imaginations and cultivate valuable skills.

The digital age has changed the way young readers access their favorite books. 

There are various storybooks online for children that offer an exciting, interactive experience that can spark curiosity, creativity, and a love of reading. 

From classic favorites to modern tales, these engaging stories provide a great opportunity to explore new worlds and develop literacy skills in a fun and interactive way.

Come with us as we explore 20 storybooks online that your child or children will love. 

Best Storybooks Online For Children 

  1. Gemma

A inquisitive adventurer and her ring-tailed lemur, Milo, quest for the greatest treasure in the world in the middle-grade book Gemma. 

As she solves puzzles, faces off against a bell-wearing jaguar, and navigates the Eight Seas, Gemma’s experiences transform her from a small girl to a fearless captain whose only bounds are the stars.

2. Thumbelina

This revised Hans Christian Andersen classic by Tom Roberts will capture any child’s imagination and heart.

The interesting story talks about a couple that is unable to conceive children and is mysteriously blessed with a baby girl—but not any ordinary baby girl. 

3.  Sofa Boy

This funny and gorgeously illustrated story, Sofa Boy offers entertainment while teaching kids moral principles.

A small child finds it enjoyable to spend the entire day playing video games on his couch.

 His young body suffers as a result of his disregard for proper cleanliness, fresh air, and exercise, and soon the little boy is a prisoner of his creation. 

 This is one of the best storybooks online for children. 

4.  Ivy+ Bean

This is a lovely and compelling beginning to a new series thanks to characters who are lively and full of comedy.

One of the protagonists in this tale, Bean, plays a practical joke on her sister and finds unexpected backing from Ivy, the new neighbor.

5. The Calico Cat

This is a wonderfully drawn tale with rhymed prose that highlights the advantages of showing love and patience to animals.

Carmen, a gruff and demanding cat, is upset when a new member of the family enters. When a hyperactive kitten moves in, she becomes even more unhappy. 

6.  Diary of the 5th Grade Outlaw

This novel is a humorous illustrated diary. In the  novel, a bully at school imposes an unfair playground charge to control recess. 

All Robin can think about after a terrible summer is getting her best friend, Mary Ann, back. 

But in order to do that, she must at all costs become a renown villan at Nottingham Elementary.

7. Mr. McKay – the Winter Coat Thief

In this tale, a character named Mr. McKay steals people’s possessions by dressing as someone else. He is incredibly cunning and is skilled at making people believe it is warmer outdoors in order to steal their coats.

Mr. McKay is a cunning individual. Seasonal changes affect the color of his hair and eyes.

This book teaches children to always have their coats on during winter and is one of the storybooks online for children that your kids will enjoy. 

8.  Becca’s Wild Moose Chase

The story of Becca’s Wild Moose Chase centers on a moose and a bumblebee. 

The two forget their differences and become closest friends, seeing each other as family, after a disastrous first encounter and a pursuit over the prairie.

Preschoolers will enjoy this lively, rhyming tale about love and forgiveness.

9. The Guardians of Lore

This story talks about 12 year old Cal. 

 Cal, a 12-year-old student at Stanwood School, notices a frog looking at him through the glass while he is drawing in class. 

What’s more strange is that the frog is actually wearing glasses. 

Investigating whether the frog known as Deli has come to them for a cause, is the task Cal and his best friend Soy take upon themselves.

 This tale offers your kids a ton of fun and is filled with mystery, action, and much more.

10.  The Rescue

This story is for 3-5 year olds and teaches friendship. 

The protagonist is a lone street dog who lives alone and without friends. But in little time, he meets one. 

If you’re a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ, tell this tale to your children to show them the depth of Jesus Christ’s love for people. 

11. The Hike

Mandy and Grandpa explore the woods together in this tale. They address significant issues and learn to live in peace with the environment. 

Read this wonderful and cost-free illustrated children’s book to your child to help them understand the unique relationship between grandparents and grandkids.

12.  The journey of the Marmabill

Go along with Marmabill in this story as she travels through the rainforest and comes across exotic creatures like flying feathers, wugs, and tankadiggies. 

Marmabill learns the true meaning of home on her voyage. This is one of the storybooks online for children that any child will love. 

13. Fox + Chick: The Sleepover

In this series of short stories, Frog and Chick, two friends, are followed as they settle their disagreements and come to an understanding.

 In this third season of the series, Fox and Chick plan a surprise party, search for a misplaced hammer, and spend the night together. 

This is an enjoyable approach for young readers to learn about friendship because of the familiar plots and lighthearted tone.

14. Anne Bonny: Pirate Queen of the Caribbean

This story is about the courageous Anne Boyle and teaches young girls the importance of bravery. 

Many sailors claim that in the past, women were thought to bring ill luck to ships. However, Anne Bonny swiftly refuted them! 

This daring pirate uses a pistol and a dagger to take out enemies during raids and skirmishes.

15. Up in the Air

If you want your child to develop a love fir flying or to be a pilot, you’ll read them this story.

This is a tale about a young child who adores anything with wings. It will surely give your youngsters the courage to fly in life and make them wish they had a pair of wings.

16. The monkey and The Crocodile

Once upon a time, the monkey and the crocodile became friends, but the crocodile’s evil wife had other motives. She desires to eat the monkey’s heart.

This is a thrilling story your children will enjoy and counts as one of the best storybooks online for children. 

17. I found a Frog

The fairy tale “I Found a Frog” describes how a tadpole turns into a frog. It’s fun, instructive, and will make your kid’s face beam with delight.

18. A Dog on a Log

A dog, flea, and hog once met on a beautiful bright day by the shore.

You’ll discover what became of them when you read this story. 

19. Buzzy Bee’s Night Out

This is the amazing tale of a buzzy bee that is unique from all others that forages through the night in pursuit of a tasty flower. Your children should read this story if they are between the ages of 3 and 5

20. Jimmy’s First Day Of School

A boy named Jimmy begins school for the first time in the story Jimmy’s First Day at School. 

It is a tale that gets young readers ready for many changes in their lives.


To sum it up, they’re various storybooks online for children and getting them is a wonderful way to support your children’s love of reading and foster their imaginations. 

With hundreds of titles to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Not only will this help with their learning, but it will be a fun bonding experience for you and your child. 

If you’re looking for a great way to make learning engaging, then choosing from any of these storybooks online for children is the perfect choice.

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