Substitute Teacher Salary

Substitute teachers are often called upon to fill in for regular teachers at the last moment. Many substitute teachers are also called upon to teach classes during teacher absences, such as vacations and illnesses. 

No doubt, these Substitute teachers earn salaries, and this article will let you know everything about Substitute teacher salaries.

Substitute Teacher Job Description

Substitute teachers are responsible for teaching a class when the regular teacher is absent. The job of a substitute teacher includes planning lessons and ensuring that students get an education while absent from school. 

Substitute teachers can work with students who need extra help or with those who are having difficulty doing their work because they may be distracted by other things going on in their lives, like dealing with family issues.

Substitute Teacher Salary

Substitute teachers are paid hourly., and the average substitute teacher earns $20.15 per hour.

In the West and Midwest, where there is demand for substitutes, substitute teachers can earn up to $22/hour on average.

In comparison, in the South and Northeast regions of the country where there is less need for substitutes, and their presence is not as common as it is elsewhere in America’s heartland regionally speaking, so far as schools are concerned anyway. They’re paid around $18/hour on average here too.

Substitute Teacher Salary Expectations

The average substitute teacher’s salary is about $34,000 a year. Substitute teachers make anywhere from $6,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on their experience level and geographic location.

If you are a substitute teacher in one of the best-paying cities for substitutes (New York City), your annual salary will be around $42K. However, work as a substitute teacher in one of the worst-paying cities for substitutes (Chicago). Your annual salary will be about half that amount at just over $20K annually.

Substitute Teacher Salary With Years Of Experience

The salary for substitute teachers with 1-4 years of experience is $19.13 per hour, while 5-9 years of experience earn an average of $21.02 per hour.

Substitute Teacher Prerequisites And Education

Substitute teachers need to meet the qualifications of minimum teaching credentials. Most substitute teachers have a bachelor’s degree, though some schools ask for more than that.

For example, some substitute teachers may be required to hold a master’s degree in education or counseling.

Some states require that all substitutes hold at least an elementary school certificate, and others will accept any relevant certification from other states or countries as long-standing practice.

The most important thing when looking at substitute teacher salaries is knowing what schools require you to have your own classroom before you can work there full-time as a substitute teacher.

How Much Does A Substitute Teacher Make Hourly?

The average hourly rate for substitute teachers is $15.00, with a median of $14.00. This job ranges from $13.31 to $16.76 per hour, depending on experience level, education level, and location (pay scales vary).

The top 10% of earners make more than twice the average wage: those who earn more than $35 per hour are paid an additional 25%. 

What Are The Highest Paying Cities For Substitute Teacher Jobs?

The highest-paying cities for substitute teachers are:

  • Dallas, Texas.
  • Atlanta, Georgia.
  • San Jose, California.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Minneapolis – St Paul.

What Are The Best Paying Related Substitute Teacher Jobs In The U.S.?

The best substitute teacher jobs in the U.S. are:

  • Teacher Assistant – This is the most common type of substitute teacher job and involves assisting teachers with classroom duties. You might have to help with making copies, running errands, or cleaning up after a class if you’re working at a small school full-time (or part-time).
  • Aide – As an aide, you’ll typically be assigned specific tasks within your school or district, such as helping with certain subjects or providing extra support for students who need it most during busy times like field trips or tests. You’ll also be responsible for maintaining supplies like paperclips, pencils, and erasers throughout your day. Hence, they’re readily available whenever needed by other staff members who may not know how much they should ask someone else without getting caught up in paperwork themselves! Suppose anything else goes wrong within any building’s infrastructure (like plumbing issues). In that case, chances are high that someone needs assistance fixing things immediately, even if someone has time off due to sickness.

What Skills Will Increase A Substitute Teacher’s Salary?

The skills that are most important to increase your substitute teacher salary are:

Special Education Certification.

Substitute teachers who hold this certification can instruct students with special needs in a classroom setting. This is among the most common certifications for substitute teachers, and many districts require it.

Lesson Planning.

You’ll need to know how to plan lessons so that you can provide quality instruction on time every day, week, or month. If you’re unfamiliar with lesson planning, start learning more about it today. Substitute teachers must be able to plan their lessons, not only in content but also in terms of how they want students to learn them.

For example, if you teach math, you don’t want your students to memorize the answers but instead, want them to understand why certain answers work, and others don’t.

To build this skill further, substitute teachers should consider taking additional classes on how best to prepare lessons for various ages or subjects (such as math).

Some schools require that their substitutes have specific training before being hired; others do not require any special training at all beyond passing an exam that can be done online.

Experience as a Teacher or School Administrator.

Many substitute teachers have experience in the field of education, but not all of them are qualified to teach according to state standards. In order to get certified and become an official substitute teacher, you must first be licensed by your state or province.

You can then apply for certification through an accredited program such as the University of Phoenix’s Master’s Degree in Education program (MDE).

Ability to teach students of different ages and levels of education.

For example, you may have to teach teenagers who are just beginning their high school careers or older adults who have graduated from college but do not yet have jobs that require them to move up in their careers.

Knowledge of the subject matter being taught (e.g., math). This is especially important if your school system has strict guidelines about what kind of content can be covered during each class period (e.g., grades K-6).

Knowledge of how each student learns best is vital so that your lessons can help them learn effectively and efficiently. This means knowing what kind of materials work best with certain types of learners (e.,g., visual learners and auditory learners).

Most Common Benefits For Substitute Teachers

Aside from the Salaries that Substitute Teachers earn, there are common benefits for Substitute Teachers. Here are some benefits:

  • Health insurance.
  • Paid time off.
  • Retirement plan.
  • Life insurance.

How Many Hours A Substitute Teacher Works?

The average work week for substitute teachers is 36 hours, with an average of one day off per week. Substitutes often teach multiple classes in one day, so they could be scheduled to work more than three days without additional breaks or time off. 

The average number of hours worked each month by substitutes is approximately 40 hours each month during their contract period and 30 hours each month outside of this period if they are not working as much due to multiple substitutions or other reasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Do Subs Make In Arkansas?

The average ESS Education Substitute Teacher’s daily pay in Arkansas is approximately $86.87, 25% below the national average.

2. How Much Do Subs Make A Day In Tennessee?

The average ESS Education Substitute Teacher’s daily pay in Tennessee is approximately $83.48, which is 28% below the national average.

3. Does The 5 Day Rule Still Apply To Subbing?

The “5 day rule” remains in force for the employment of all other unregistered persons under S.I.

4. How Do I Get A Subbing License In Iowa?

You can apply for a replacement permit via

5 Is Substitute Teaching Stressful?

Subbing is infamous because it’s a position of incredibly high stress—and incredibly low stakes.

6. Do You Need A Teaching License To Sub In Iowa?

The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners demands that all substitute teachers have or hold an Iowa teaching license and a substitute teaching license.

7. How Much Do Long-Term Subs Make In Arkansas?

$28,400 a year.

8. What Degree Do You Need To Be A Substitute Teacher In Iowa?

Associate’s degree or 60 semester hours or higher and completion of an approved substitute authorization course.

9. How Long Is A Substitute Certificate Good In Iowa?

Can serve in one position for up to 90 days (long-term sub). Open positions cannot be filled.

10. How Do I Become A Sub In T.N.?

Any individual interested in substitute teaching at Tennessee is welcome to submit their information to the department.


Now we have talked about a Substitute Teacher’s Salary, and we hope that you found this article helpful. 

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