Top 10 Reasons Why You Consider Studying in Egypt

Egypt is best described as a blend of Africa, Mediterranean and Arab forces that is alluring. One thing that stands out about the country is its unique history, culture, and norms. Furthermore, it houses reputable institutions and provides an exciting environment for its students.

Wherever in Egypt, you choose to study, know that you will be residing in the middle of old monuments in Cairo, within walking distance of some of the ancient Lighthouse in Alexandria, or on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

Also, Egypt harbours some of the popular historic sites in the world, such as the Temples of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and finally, the Great Pyramids. Egypt has blossomed into a dynamic society with a fast-growing economy.

 Egypt has become the center of the Arab world for more than a millennium now. Up to date, it has served as the cultural heart of the region, with people traveling from all over the globe to Egypt for different reasons, among which is education.

If allowed to school in Egypt, it may turn out to be the most exciting and useful experience for you, with a lot of benefits. You will be permitted to learn the Egyptian language, relish their culture, surmount the challenges of residing in another country, programs and get a better understanding of the world.

What are the advantages of pursuing an undergraduate degree in Egypt?

  • It makes you stand out as a student just out of school, because:
    At an early stage, you have been exposed to an international way of learning and working.
  •  You have a better knowledge of different cultures 
  • A broad range of career options to choose from

What are the advantages of pursuing a post-graduate degree abroad?

  • It improves your technical skills
  • It gives an edge to your CV over your equivalents
  • It enhances your social and professional network.

Let us look at Egypt at a Glance

The official Name is the Arab Republic of Egypt

Its capital is Cairo

The official language is Arabic (English and French are widely spoken)

Its currency is an Egyptian pound

Government is Republic

It shares borders with Israel, Sudan, and Libya

Its Coasts are along the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east

The major River is River Nile

If you are looking for reasons to study in Egypt, you do not have to search anymore, because below are 10 reasons why you should study in Egypt

  • The Cost of living and studying in Egypt is affordable

Schooling and residing in Egypt is considerably more affordable when compared to other countries. Also, the cost of living is less expensive with transport, food, and other things generally cheap.  

  • Access to a quality education

At all educational levels ranging from pre-primary, primary, secondary to tertiary education, Egypt offers quality education. The Egyptian universities are among the highly rated universities across the globe, offering various study programs for students.

  • Numerous scholarship opportunities 

A lot of scholarship programs are being offered to foreign as well as Egyptian students. Aside from the scholarships which could be federal scholarships or privately funded, most of the Egyptian universities also have other financial bits of help for students.

Diverse cultural environment

We have earlier stated that Egypt is best described as a combination of Africa, Mediterranean and Arab influences that is alluring. Students studying in Egypt get to relish a culture very distinct from their own being the center of the Arab world. This country has a  bit of African, Arabic, and Mediterranean cultures and traditions such that if you study in Egypt, you will find unimaginable new foods, dressing, language, customs, traditions, and social atmosphere.

An opportunity to see the world

We consider this one of the major reasons why you should consider studying in Egypt. You are allowed to see a part of the world, and experience what it feels like to reside in a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs, and activities by studying in Egypt. Viewing beautiful terrains, natural wonders, museums, and landmarks amongst others are other benefits of residing in Egypt.

Opportunity to learn a new Language

Here is another major reason why you should consider studying in Egypt is that you will get to learn the Arabic language. This is because you will be surrounded by the language every day, therefore, learning it becomes an easy task. In addition to this, schooling in one of the Egyptian universities grants you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a new language, Arabic, and the best way to learn that is to dive right in.

Career Opportunities

At the end of your studies when you return home, you will be returning with a new viewpoint on certain things like culture, language skills, a great education, and finally, the readiness to learn. We all know that future employers find all these attributes very attractive.

Interestingly, a lot of students love staying in the course that they choose to seek work there and settle down and a local education will be considered by potential employers in that country. 

Find New Interests

Furthermore, studying in Egypt offers a lot of new activities and interests that you wouldn’t have discovered if you had stayed back at home, this is yet another reason why you should study in Egyp.

Make Life-long Friends

Studying in Egypt avails you an opportunity to connect with new people from various countries and backgrounds, and probably make them your lifelong friends. You will also attend school and reside with Egyptian students while in Egypt, and this allows you to get to know and create lasting bonds with other students which can also be valuable networking tools later in life.

  • Gives you international exposure and rare experience

Additionally, schooling and residing abroad is an avenue to learn new approaches to take care of various situations, manage time between your studies and part-time jobs, experience international ways of teaching and relating with a well-traveled crowd. This will assist you in the future to heighten your acumen on the subject and life, generally.

Finally, there are numerous reasons why you can choose Egypt to be your study destination as an international student. But, with these 10 reasons, we bet that you are not still searching for reasons to settle for Egypt when selecting where to study.

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