UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major 2023

Are you wondering if you have a chance of getting into one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, the University of California, Los Angeles?

You might also be curious about the UCLA acceptance rate by major in 2023. 

If that’s your concern, you got you covered.

In this article, we’ll go over key admissions statistics such as the UCLA acceptance rate by major for 2023, UCLA requirements, how to get into UCLA, and the available admission programs for 2023.

UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major

The Acceptance Rate by Major at the University of California, Los Angeles is typically calculated by comparing the total number of admitted students to the total number of applicants.

Nonetheless, UCLA’s acceptance rate is typically around 14.6%, which means that fewer than two students are admitted for every ten who apply. 

So therefore, if you want to attend this university, you must have the appropriate grades and achievements since the admissions committee considers numerous factors. 

Let’s look at the types of applicants that are accepted to apply for a major program in UCLA.

UCLA Acceptable Applicants

UCLA enrolls a diverse student body each year. 

Typically, the student body is 56% female and 44% male where 17% of the overall students are international applicants from over 110 countries. There are also a lot of people of color.

The student body is made up of roughly 31% white Caucasians and 3% African Americans. 

Asian Americans make up 34% of enrollees, while Hispanic or Latinos make up 24%. 63% of admits come from California, while 21% come from the rest of the country.

With this, you can see that every color and race is accepted as a qualified applicant.


UCLA Acceptance Rate For 2023

Research has shown that the University of California accepted only 13,432 out of the 108,831 freshman applicants for the Class of 2023. This equates to a 12.3% acceptance rate.

California residents were accepted at a 12% rate, while out-of-state students were accepted at a 16.4% rate. 

UCLA Acceptance Rate Criteria

It is critical to understand the basic requirements that qualify a student for admission to any course at UCLA.

International applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A strong academic record is one of the most important requirements for admission to any undergraduate or graduate program at UCLA. 

For undergraduate courses, a minimum percentage of 80 percent on the 12th board test, as well as SAT or ACT scores, is required.

  • Depending on the program, applicants for higher-level programs should have a first-class or high-second-class Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 

Furthermore, GMAT and GRE scores are required by institutions in the United States.

  • When applying to UCLA, English proficiency is essential. 

The applicant must demonstrate their command of the language by taking English proficiency exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS, and others. 

The average TOEFL score for admitted international students at UCLA for the 2019 fall term was 113.

  • International students applying to UCLA must score well on the ACT or SAT.
  • A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) are also required for consideration of the application.


Ways Of Enrolling Into UCLA?

When applying for university admission in another country, there are several factors to consider. 

UCLA seeks applicants who, through their extensive experience and personal stories, can bring leadership and insight to the table. 

It focuses on the three factors listed below:

1. Outstanding Academic Achievement

Academic performance is not solely determined by your GPA or test scores. 

So that is why they are looking for someone with a strong high school academic record. 

UCLA will consider how many classes you took in high school, how rigorous your high school curriculum was, and how academically challenged you were. 

If a student wants to be admitted here, he or she must enroll in honors or advanced classes to demonstrate this.

2. Capabilities, Achievements, And More

Not everyone can achieve great things in the field of education, but this is one of the reasons they are not admitted here. 

Achievements and special talents are highly valued and ranked first. 

They will want to know about your achievements and honors so they can assess how you perform outside of the classroom.

3. Personal Characteristics

They are interested in both your personality and your way of life. 

UCLA will study your personality as well as how you interact with others. 

The college will use the information gathered to determine whether you are a good fit for UCLA and vice versa.

UCLA Admissions Procedures

If you want to be accepted by UCLA, you must first fully understand the application process. 

The application process for the various levels of programs is essentially the same. 

The main application should include information such as a genuine test result, academic transcripts, statement of purpose, and so on. 

International students will be contacted for additional information. 

As part of the application process, candidates must also answer several Personal Insight Questions, which are weighted in the overall evaluation.

Having known this, let’s look at the various available major programs in the University of California and their deadline for application.

UCLA Available Admission Programs For 2023

The University of California, Los Angeles admissions are offered on the basis of a 10-week quarter instead of semesters. 

The following are some of the available admission programs for 2023 sessions:

UCLA Admission To Undergraduate Programs

Admission into the University of California, Los Angeles undergraduate programs is a very highly competitive program.

Among the five schools offering more than 130 majors, the School of Nursing is the toughest to get in with only a 2% acceptance rate. 

The maximum number of applications was, although, received by the College of Letters and Science.

Method Of Application:

For Undergraduate Application, you are advised to Login to the Application Portal.

Application Fees

Application Fee: 80 USD (6,535 INR)

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:
  • Academic transcripts from secondary school.
  • GPA of 3.4 on a 4.0 (~89-90%) scale in class 12, average GPA of students is 3.9 on 4.0 (~93-100%).
  • English translations of all academic transcripts.
  • Answer to university’s personal insight questions within the word limit of 350.
  • Proof of English language proficiency by submitting one of the following test scores:
  •               IELTS: 7.0
  •               TOEFL iBT: 100
UCLA Undergraduate Admission Decisions

While evaluating the undergraduate applications, the selection committee uses a holistic approach. 

The following factors are taken into consideration by the UG admission committee:

  • High school coursework, achievements, and merit.
  • Personality
  • Participation in high school activities.
  • Performance in standardized tests.
  • Non-academic achievements and community service.

Admission decisions for new incoming students are informed by March 31.

Other necessary requirements include: 

International students applying for UG courses at UCLA need to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover their studies and living expenses. 

The minimum amount which students must have is 67,000 USD (~3.5 lakh INR). 

In addition to this, they are recommended to have 5,000 USD for their personal expenses.


UCLA Admission To Graduate Programs

The University of California, Los Angeles offers master’s degree programs in nearly 150 departments ranging from an extensive selection of business and medical programs to degrees in 40 different languages. 

On average UCLA only admits 6,000 graduate students of the 21,300 who apply each year. 

UCLA MS CS and MS Data Science are some of the popular graduate courses offered by the university. 

Graduate Admission Requirements:
  • A four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, comparable in standard and content to a bachelor’s degree from the University of California.
  • An overall scholastic average of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale/83-86%)
  • Proof English language proficiency by submitting the following scores:
    • TOEFL (iBT): 87
    • IELTS: 7.0
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Name and emails of LOR
  • GMAT/GRE score


MS in UCLA Admission Decision

UCLA offers two types of master’s programs to international students which are:

Master’s Degree and Master’s Degree (on the path to Doctorate). 

Admission to most of the master’s programs at UCLA is limited to the fall term, but some courses are offered in the spring term as well.

Method Of Application

Login to the application portal for further application procedures.

Application Fee

Application Fee: 140 USD (11,440 INR)


Documents Required For MS In UCLA:

  • A 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • A GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale (~89-90%)
  • Statement Of Purpose For USA candidates.
  • Resume
  • Standardized test score
  • English proficiency test score
    • TOEFL iBT: 87
    • IELTS: 7.0 overall


MBA In UCLA Admission

UCLA MBA is one of the highly recognized MBA courses with over 42,000 alumni spread across leading companies in the world. 

UCLA offers its MBA program through the Anderson school of management as a 22-month curriculum. 

The program is offered as a 2-year full-time MBA, 3-years fully employed MBA (FEMBA), and a 2-year executive MBA or EMBA. 

The majority of UCLA MBA graduates switch functions or industries with an incredible hike of 85% or above.

UCLA MBA Application Deadlines:
  • Round 1: October 5, 2022 (Closed)
  • Round 2: January 4, 2023,(Available)
  • Round 3: April 12, 2023(Available)

Application Fees

UCLA MBA Application Fee: 200 USD (16,340 INR)

Method Of Application

Login to the UCLA Anderson Application MBA Application Portal

Documents Requirements

Completed application and a 4-years bachelor’s degree or equivalent are the basic admission requirements for MBA in UCLA.


UCLA Admissions For Transfer Students

The university is committed to being a transfer-friendly institution. 

The average GPA of admitted transfer students is above 3.5 to 4.0 (~90-92%), and they have completed most or all the majors’ preparatory courses. 

The University of California, Los Angeles requires all secondary school records showing subjects taken and grades received as well as any national or government certificates earned. 

Official documents of all college or university coursework must also be sent along with English translations. 

UCLA Admission Requirements For Transfer Students

The requirements for University of California transfer admission are as follows:

  • Junior-level standing (60 semester/90 quarter transferable units completed) by the end of the spring term before the transfer.
  • GPA of 3.2 on 4.0 (~86-87%) or higher earned in transferable courses.
  • Progress towards completion of major preparation requirements by spring prior to transfer.
  • Completion of the following courses:
  • Two transferable courses in English composition/critical thinking and writing
  • One transferable math course with intermediate algebra or higher.
  • Four transferable college courses in at least two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences

US Student Visa Application For International Students

​The students who wish to study in the USA at the University of California, Los Angeles require a student visa. 

The eligibility requirements for the same include:

  • An I-20 form that is issued by the university. 

Students who will need an I-20 form for an F-1 student visa must submit the following documents:

  • Financial support documentation verifying available funding to meet the study and living expenses while in the USA for at least a year such as:
  • A statement declaring financial support.
  • A letter from the bank stating financial stability.
  • A copy of a valid passport.

Once UCLA issues the I-20 Form, students can proceed with the F-1 or J-1 US student visa and payment of the SEVIS Fee. 

They need to contact the US Embassy/ Consulate in their home country to ensure the documents required for the student visa application. 

The general documents required for the visa application includes:

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Completed visa application along with the receipt of the visa application fee
  • Passport size photographs
  • I-20 form issued by the university
  • Acceptance letter from UCLA
  • Scholarship/ Sponsorship Letter (if applicable)
  • Immunization form 
  • Health Examination form.

The student will have to appear for a visa interview with the US Embassy in their home country. 

Upon clearing the interview a stamp will be issued on the passport which acts as the visa to the USA.

UCLA Admission Decision

The university declares the decision for the freshmen undergraduate applicants by late March. 

Decisions for transfer applicants are released by late April. 

The decisions are made on a thorough review of the applications and hence, are rarely reversed. 

Students can request for review of the applications or send additional information through the admission office. 

Once the decision is released, the university releases a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) form, where students can mention their intent to study at the university.

An applicant receives the UCLA acknowledgment letter within 72 hours of completion of the application process. 

Once the admission letter is sent, students are required to complete the further steps as asked in the admission package and make arrangements for travel to study in the USA. 

The university recommends that international students should submit certified copies rather than original transcripts since it can’t be returned once submitted.

However, at the time of enrollment, original documents with the sign and seal of the registrar must be submitted to confirm the admission. 


1. Is It Easier To Get Into UCLA As A Transfer Student?

UCLA currently accepts 24.09 percent of transfer applications. 

To be considered for a substitute position at UCLA, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.89.  

Ideally, your GPA will be around 4.05. You will also be required to meet standardized exam scores.

2. Why Is UCLA Acceptance So Low?

Considering UCLA is selective in accepting applicants, you must be aware of their acceptance rate in order to be considered for admission. 

It specifies the percentages of candidates who are confirmed. It is one of the top institutions in the world, hence it is highly selective which makes the acceptance rate to be low.

3. Is UCLA or USC Better?

According to US News, UCLA and USC are ranked 20th and 22nd in the list of best national universities, respectively. 

However, if you want to pursue a degree in a research-related field, USC is the best option. 

UCLA, on the other hand, is well-known for its top five fields, which are Economics, Business Science, Psychology, Biology, and Political Science.

So both institutions are relatively the best depending on your plans.

4. What GPA Is Required To Be Admitted To UCLA?

UCLA is a major public university in the United States. 

It offers about 3900 courses in 109 disciplines. 

To get into this University, you will need to have very excellent marks and a strong academic record. 

Initially, UCLA accepted students with GPAs of 4.0 or better and good SAT scores.

5. What Is UCLA Known For Academically?

UCLA was founded in 1919 and is regarded as one of the best universities in the United States. It is without a doubt the top university in terms of research, innovation, and higher education. 

The top five major undergraduate programs at the university are Business Economics, Biology, Psychology, Economics, and Political Science. 

Aside from that, UCLA offers over 3900 courses across 109 academic departments.

6. Is It Hard To Get Into UCLA As An International Student?

The acceptance rate of UCLA is 9% as per 2022 undergraduate reports. 

This implies that it is not that easy to get admission to UCLA despite satisfying the minimum eligibility criteria but the good thing is that the university treats both domestic and international students equally when making an admission decision.

7. When Is The UCLA Admission Decision Conveyed To Students?

UCLA notifies students about admission decisions for undergraduate courses by late March. 

Admission decision for graduate courses depends upon the department offering the program.

8. What Is The Deadline For UCLA Applications?

Applications for undergraduate courses at UCLA are accepted between November 1 to 30 of every year. 

The deadline for most of the graduate programs is December 1.

9. How Much Does It Cost To Go To UCLA For 4 years?

Tuition for UCLA students during the 2019-2020 academic year was $13,239 for California residents and $42,993 for non-residents.


10. What Are The Popular Majors In UCLA

Over 130 undergraduate majors are available at UCLA but the top six most popular undergraduate majors are:

  • Business Economics Biology
  • Psychology Political Science
  • Psychobiology
  • Economics
  • Nursing


Choosing a university is not an easy task. You must ensure that the school’s programs and resources correspond to your expectations and personal needs.

Above all, you must ensure that you are a good fit for the student body. 

I hope you found this article helpful in understanding the UCLA acceptance rate major for 2023, admission and application processes required.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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