When Do AP Scores Come Out? All You Need To Know

If you’re taking the Advanced Placement (AP) exams this year, you probably have many questions about what’s happening on test day. Don’t worry! We’ve got answers. Here’s everything you need to know about when AP scores come out, the AP exam process, and more.

When Does AP Testing Usually Happen?

You may have heard that AP testing is available in May, June, and July, and most students take AP exams at least once during these months.

The College Board also offers summer exams in June and July. These tests are typically offered on a Saturday to accommodate students who need to travel home for various reasons during the summer break but still want to complete their coursework by taking an exam day before school starts again.

When Do AP Scores Come Out?

AP scores are released to students and their schools on a rolling basis. The first round of results is released in late August, with the rest of the scores coming out between October and December. If you take your AP exam during this period, your score will appear on your school’s transcript as soon as it becomes available (usually within one week).

The exams are administered each year on a single day and scored by hand. Some schools accept results as soon as they’re posted online, while others wait until after the first week or even later.

The results can also be released to schools two weeks after the exam, usually around early September. Students receive their test scores via email or phone within five business days of taking the test.

Most students take their AP exams during their junior or senior year, which makes it important for you to get your registration out early if you want to qualify for this opportunity. You’ll need to find out what classes your school offers so that you can plan when deciding how many semesters’ worth of high school credits will count toward graduation requirements at various colleges.

How To Find Your AP Score Online

You’ll need to log into the College Board’s website to find your AP score. Once there, click on the “AP Scores” tab and enter your name and Social Security number (SSN). You can also use another method of logging in by clicking here.

Once you’ve entered these details into the form, click “view scores” at the top right corner of your screen.

What Happens If Some Of My AP Scores Aren’t Available?

If you don’t get a score for a class, that doesn’t mean you failed. It’s possible to still graduate from high school and be considered for college credit.

If your AP scores aren’t available yet and they’ve been changed in the meantime. For example, if your scores were reported incorrectly, you can submit an update request online at www.apcentral.collegeboard.org/apcentral/request. 

How To Read Your AP Score Report

The report will show you your scores and the percentile. It’s also possible to see how many points you got on each section and whether or not you passed.

To get this information, simply click on “View Report” in the menu at the top of your screen when viewing results. This will take you directly to your AP score report, where all of these details are listed alongside each section of testing:

  • Your raw score (the number given).
  • Your equivalent AP score (the number converted from raw scores).

Is There A Way To Find My Past AP Scores?

You can find your past AP scores on the College Board website. The AP results are valid for three years after you take an exam, so you must check back in with them every once in a while if your school has a policy of requesting that students submit their scores.

If you want to see your own scores, here’s how:

  • Go to http://apcentral.collegeboard.org/apc/home and click on “Advanced Search.”
  • In the left-hand box labeled “Search criteria,” enter a few keywords related to what year you took an AP exam (for example, “AP Psychology” or “AP European History”). Then select “Ascending” from the drop-down menu next to “Year Range.”

What Are The Different Types Of AP Scores?

AP tests are graded on a 5-point scale. The possible scores for each test are:

  • 5 – best possible score (1st highest score you can get)
  • 4 – just barely good enough to count as an “A” in your high school class
  • 3 – it could be worse than a C in your high school class, but not much better either
  • 2 – below average, but not bad enough that it will hold you back from college or graduate school (generally speaking)
  • 1 – flat-out horrible

What Is A Good AP Score?

The average score is 3.0, but the highest score is five, and the lowest is 1.

Thousands of students in high schools across the country every year take AP tests. These tests measure how well students understand what they’ve learned regarding a subject matter like math and science and writing skills like English composition and critical reading. 

The AP exams also assess what students know about world history from ancient times through present-day events such as wars or natural disasters that have affected people worldwide over time. Additionally, they test whether students can analyze information objectively based on evidence provided by experts on both sides of any given argument. This includes analysis concerning politics/government systems (e.g., democracy vs. dictatorship), economics (e.g., capitalism vs. socialism), geography (e.g., Europe vs. Asia), etc. 

What’s The Difference Between An AP Score And A Predicted Score?

The AP score is the number you receive after taking the test. It’s not a predicted score; it’s just what you have in front of you.

A predicted grade is based on your previous grades, coursework, and other factors such as SAT or ACT scores. The average score for all students who take an AP exam is about a 4 out of 5, with some exceptions depending on where they live and how advanced their school is (e.g., more schools offer Advanced Placement courses).

How Many Colleges Require My AP Scores On Applications?

Most colleges require AP scores. Some colleges require only the highest score in a particular course, while others will accept scores from all courses that are scored by an AP exam taken within the past two years (i.e., not a three-year-old test).

Some colleges use AP exams as part of their admissions process; others do not consider them part of their admission criteria.

Some schools offer credit for taking advanced placement tests, allowing you to gain college credit without taking any classes yourself (this includes both AP and IB courses).

How Should I Prepare For The Test On Test Day?

You should be prepared for the AP test. It is a common misconception that students who take AP classes will automatically get excellent exam scores, but this is not true. The best way to prepare for an exam is to practice with friends and family members and study all of your notes from school or online resources such as Khan Academy. 

You should also get plenty of rest so that your mind is fresh and ready when you take the test! Finally, remember: there are no perfect answers; everyone makes mistakes, even prodigies like Albert Einstein. So don’t worry too much about it if something doesn’t go right during testing because no one knows what they’re doing better than someone else (except maybe God).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Time Do AP Scores Get Released?

Scores are usually available at 8:00 a.m. ET, regardless of your geographic location.

2. Do AP Scores Come Out All At Once?

Generally, AP scores are released in early to mid-July each year. Each student usually receives all test results at once, but results reports are usually issued within a few days.

3. How Can I Check My AP Scores In Early 2022?

The EarlyScores website is the fastest way to get AP scores early.

4. Why Is My AP Score Delayed Until 2022?

Some scores take longer to process due to late testing dates or other circumstances.

5. What Time Can I See My AP Scores In 2022?

AP scores are available in July, and you can access them online using your College Board account email and password.

6. Is 2 An Ok AP Score?

Students with an AP score of 2 can succeed in introductory college courses.

7. Is A 1 A Passing AP Score?

In fact, it is described as “no recommendation” in the AP® 1 rubric. Because of this, no US college overseas will accept an AP® 1 score and give you college credit.

8. Do AP Scores Come Out At Midnight In 2022?

The 2022 AP scores have not yet come out. 

9. Do Seniors Get Their AP Scores Early?

In most cases, the College Board won’t release any early AP scores.

10. What Percent Is A 5 On An AP Exam?

70 to 75 percent.


We hope this article has answered all your questions about AP scores. If you have any more thoughts, questions, or concerns, please contact us; we will be happy to help you. 

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