Top 10 Best Universities In Egypt

Egypt is recognized as an educational, technology, and civilization hub in the Nothern part of Africa. In Egypt, there are over 55 Universities: while 25 of them are funded by the government, the remaining 30 are private universities.

Choosing the best university in Egypt can be a huge task judging from the large figures. Furthermore, we should note that university ranking is one thing that is volatile and the positions are constantly changing.

Students from across the globe are attracted to Egyptian universities as a result of the high standards of education and learning, and there are quite a good number of them.

In the latest release of Webometric’s recent ranking of the best Egyptian universities, some have moved up the ladder and are now rated among the most reputable universities in Africa while others are still striving to be known as a learning superpower.

We have written this article to help you in deciding on which school to study in Egypt, keep reading to see the top 10 best Universities in Egypt.

What are the top 10 best Universities in Egypt?

Listed below are the top 10 best Egyptian universities, and they are:

10. German University in Cairo

Another name for the German University in Cairo is GUC, and it is owned privately. GUC was founded in partnership with the State Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart and came into existence from the presidential decree 27/2002. Located in New Cairo, Egypt, GUC is an independent and secular university.

Students of the university from all socio-economic backgrounds in Egypt and other nations are provided with German liberal education, and the school substantially contributes to the intellectual and cultural life development of Egypt.

Beginning from the undergraduate level to graduate and professional stages of learning, GUC offers German-style learning programs.

9. Kafrelsheikh University

According to the world university ranking, the Kafrelsheikh University located at Kafr ash Shaykh, in the middle of the Nile Delta ranks the 3589th university in the world and the 9th best university in Egypt.

Kafrelsheikh university was an offspring of Tanta University and houses the following faculties: Arts, Agriculture, commerce, physical education, Science, Engineering, Education, Specific Education,  Veterinary Medicine, etc.

The aim of this institution is to develop a competitive advantage in the following areas: community services, education, research, also having an environment that is conducive to development.

8. Alexandria University

Established in 1983 as a satellite institution, Alexandria University is the present-day Cairo University. Nevertheless, Alexandria University became a full-fledged and independent university in 1942, and it took upon its name after the revolution of 1952.

Alexandria can boast of some previous achievements such as being ranked the 147th university worldwide according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings of 2010-2011.

According to Times Higher Education’s World University Ratings of 2011-2012, it ranked 301+ worldwide and 601+ worldwide according to the  QS World University Ratings of 2011/2012. Little wonder why it is no doubt one of the top 10 Egyptian Universities.

7. Zagazig University

The establishment of Zagazig University is aimed at adding to the civilization and learning in Egypt, and it is notably one of the top universities in Egypt because to date, it has lived up to that standard. According to  Answers Africa, Zagazig University is recognized as one of the top universities in Egypt when it comes to learning and academic excellence.

6. Benha University

A decree on the 25th of November, 1976 led to the establishment of Benha University as a branch from Zagazig University and it is situated in the Egyptian city of Banha, the capital of Al Qalyubiyah.

 Benha University focuses on becoming a leading example for Egyptian universities in the areas of education, scientific research, social and university life through their conducive environment for education and scientific research thereby being able to compete internationally in some fields as well as providing distinguished educational service by giving equal opportunities to students. The institution to a great extent has achieved most of these reputable feats.

5. Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University situated in Great Cairo was established in the year 1950 and currently harbors 15 faculties and 2 high institutes and constitutes seven campuses. Ain Shams University has over time played a major role in developing the cultural and scientific life in Egypt and enhancing human knowledge in general also seeking to achieve excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research at all levels; local, regional and global within the confines of self-sufficiency, freedom, democracy, equality.

4. Assiut University

This institution situated in Assiut Egypt was launched in 1957. It prides itself in producing students who have made both international and national achievements, and also rated the 4th number on the list of top universities in Egypt in the year 2013.

3. Mansoura University

Mansoura University has recommended tremendous growth right from when it was established in 1972 in Mansoura city to become one of Egypt’s best that has contributed significantly to Egypt’s cultural and scientific life. These are the main courses offered by the university; Humanities, Applied Science, Medicine, and so on.

2. American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo (AUC) is best described as a self-governing, charitable, apolitical, non-sectarian, and equal-opportunity institution that was founded in 1919 by Americans who immigrated to the Middle East and devoted all their time to education and community service.

The student body is made up of about 5,000 undergraduate students from over 113 countries and it is recognized as the region’s premier English-language university which is an important contributor to the cultural, political, and social lifestyle of the Arab world. 

Furthermore, the University is very diverse in nature and known to be one of the most supporting structures that the university relishes, thereby making it one of the most reputable Egyptian universities where almost everyone is internationally diverse, ranging from the faculty members, adjunct teaching staff to the visiting lecturers.

1. Cairo University

Cairo University was founded in the year 1908 as a European-inspired civil institution of higher learning in contrast to the religious university of al-Azhar, and situated in Giza, Egypt.

As a parent institution, it has over time proven to be a model for other state universities, and today, it is still the best-ranked university in Egypt. Interestingly, Cairo University has maintained the standard thereby putting it among the top 10 most reputable African universities.

In Cairo University, there is a School of Law and a School of Medicine also known as Kasr Alaini which was one of the first medical schools in Africa and the Middle East.

In conclusion, if you are considering studying in Egypt, selecting a school will be quite tasking as a result of the numerous universities in Egypt, but as a result of this article, this won’t be much of a difficult task, you just have to choose one that suits your specification(s).

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