40 Deep Questions About God that will Build your Faith 

Are you looking to build a closer relationship with God? We all seek answers to some of life’s deepest and most complex questions, especially when it comes to faith.

The idea of the divine can be mysterious and difficult to comprehend. It is natural for us to have deep questions about God. 

Such questioning can help us to better understand our faith and build a stronger belief in the Almighty. 

In this article, we explore some of the deep questions about God that will help build your faith and provide insight into understanding His presence and power in our lives.

God has long been a hotly debated subject in the fields of philosophy and theology. Although the majority of these discussions center on issues relating to God, other people merely have more questions.

Philosophers and scientists from all around the world have been debating the existence of God for ages. 

The profound, difficult concerns concerning God that this article raises are not just for Christians; they apply to all other religions as well because they all share a belief in and a form of worship for the supreme being.

So, read with an open mind as the next section duly considers these deep questions about God that will build your faith. 

 Deep Questions About God That Will Build Your Faith

  1. Why does God permit suffering for good people?
  2. Will God ever reconsider bad people?
  3. Is it true that God is biologically and chemically identical to humans?
  4. What was God’s responsibility before the universe was created?
  5. What does God’s infallibility entail?
  6. What makes God require faith?
  7. Does God have a physical structure?
  8. Did God create evil?
  9. Does God commit errors?
  10. What is the divine will of God?
  11. What age is God?
  12. How does God behave?
  13. What makes God require faith in him?
  14. Why, if God knew Satan would rebel, would He still create him?
  15. Who or what is God?
  16. Is God a lover of Satan?
  17. Is there a soul in God?
  18. Has God ever been married?
  19. What size is God?
  20. Why does God require our worship?
  21. Is God male or female?
  22. Can God foresee the future?
  23. Is there emotion within God?
  24. Do you think God has preferences?
  25. Is there a favorite child of God?
  26. Does God actually sit on a throne?
  27. Does God condemn enjoyment?
  28. Is God a liar?
  29. Is there a God?
  30. What, according to the Bible, prompted God to order the annihilation of the Canaanites?
  31. Do you think that God tempts his people to sin? 
  32. Has God ever had a throne? What does God’s throne look like?
  33. Does God really punish people for disobeying him?
  34. Are our sufferings from God?
  35. Does God Make People Die?
  36. Why does God allow children to die?
  37. Do humans die because they sin?
  38. How sure are we that God exists?
  39. Can God see everything happening on earth at a time?
  40. Can God kill a person? 

All these questions that we’ve considered have actually been asked by a lot of people. Most of them are Christians, others are pagans who don’t believe in God while some have been made to believe in God but presently doubt their beliefs. 

Many people have searched for the answers to this question and gotten answers. 

Some have done this by thinking about these questions logically and have given themselves logical answers, and others have turned to their pastor or spiritual leaders and have gotten their answers. 

However, many have tried but still haven’t found any satisfying answers and have chosen to keep wondering.

In the next section, we’ll consider more deep questions about God, and faith in God. 

32 Other Deep Questions about God and Faith that Make you Think

These thoughtful inquiries are intended to get you thinking about God. You can set it aside for the time being if you are not prepared and return to it later. 

We’ve compiled some deep, thought-provoking questions about God in this section that will coerce you to go deeper into some of your preconceived notions.

They are shown below. 

  1. Where is God’s residence?
  2. How does God appear?
  3. How may history and theology be used to verify the validity of the Bible?
  4. Faith is extraterrestrial. What does the following phrase mean?
  5. Does free will affect my faith in any way?
  6. How do we manage the problems God has placed before us?
  7. Does pride get in the way of our faith?
  8. Is my faith my own?
  9. What is redemptive faith?
  10. Are faith and belief synonymous?
  11. Can we be saved by faith alone?
  12. Which—faith, hope, or love—is the greatest?
  13. What are the most effective strategies to spread your faith?
  14. What purpose does it serve to follow Jesus?
  15. Am I putting my faith to use for a different goal?
  16. What is the identity of the Holy Spirit?
  17. How do Christians balance politics and their faith?
  18. What sets Christianity apart from other faiths?
  19. Will your choice of friends have an impact on your faith?
  20. What are the most common methods of praying for others?
  21. Why is God in the Old Testament so harsh?
  22. Do we require priests and other clergy to speak with God?
  23. Why do the Gods of the Old and New Testaments vary from one another?
  24. How can I be certain that God is real?
  25. What does God’s will entail?
  26. Do prayers go unheard?
  27. Why did God feel the need to reveal himself to the Israelites specifically?
  28. God cannot be seen. Why do humans think that the unseen exists?
  29. Do I matter to God?
  30. Why does God let suffering in the world?
  31. Does God actually respond to prayers?
  32. Why are there more than 4000 different religions if there is only one god?


Asking deep questions about God can help us to grow stronger in our faith. 

As we seek to understand the deeper mysteries of the universe and our relationship with God, our faith is challenged, and ultimately strengthened. 

Through humble questioning and contemplation, we can come closer to understanding who God is, and how He works in our lives. We must continue to ask difficult questions so that we may deepen our knowledge of God and His ways.

Have you had any deep questions about God that have been answered? How did you find these satisfying answers and what are they? Please say your opinions and thoughts with us and other readers in the comments section. 

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