Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Study In Brazil

Aside from soccer, sun, and samba, the Latin American giant has many more things to offer though these three things alone may be enough to make you get interested in visiting Brazil. Interestingly, the number of international students is on the increase, and if you want to be one of them, we will let you know through this article, why you should choose Brazil as your study destination.

Below are the top 10 reasons why Brazil has earned a spot in the winner’s circle as a wide choice of study destination. 

1. “The Belle of the Ball”

Youths love to have fun and reside in a bubbling environment. There are lots of activities going on there, like being the host of the World Cup this year, and the 2016 Olympics amongst other events. In fact, we are tempted to tag Brazil “sports lovers paradise”, nevertheless, it is such a lively place to be.  

2. The Price Tag

While private institutions in Brazil are not free of charge, however, Brazilians and some foreign students enjoy free education in public institutions. Little wonder why it may seem as though the competition is steep for admissions, like a scenario whereby 10 candidates apply for every spot. This scenario is not far-fetched in private institutions too. 

The tuition fees yearly are between the range of $2,000 and $10,000 USD and the government of Brazil offers scholarships to international students, though limited, nevertheless, you may be lucky to seek out funding from organizations in your native country.

3. Access to a World-Class Education

Brazil is not just good at soccer alone, but also in education. The country currently has over 2,600 public and private institutions, and 17 out of them earned a spot at the top 800 2013/14 QS World University Rankings.

Aside from the aforementioned ratings, Brazin has continuously dominated the rankings for Latin America. At this pace, we can boldly say that the country’s higher education star is quickly rising.

Furthermore, both the private and public institutions are renowned for their outstanding quality of faculty and facilities, and also the wide range of courses they offer, including their commitment to carrying out their duties.

4. Brazil Wants You

In a bid to improve the academic reputation of the country, Brazil is continuously working at attracting international students, they even go as far as involving the Brazilian Exchange Bureau to help in advancing the country’s education programs to international students and foreign exchange companies. 

You can see the drive to attract a high-quality faculty and students from across the world, and a lot of institutions abroad are getting interested in strategic partnerships with Brazil in the areas of exchange programs and research collaborations.

Another edge they have over other countries is that the number of international students is skyrocketing because it is easier to apply to study here.

5. So Will Employers

Within the global economy, Brazil alongside countries like India and China is considered an emerging power. What do you think will happen to students who study in such an environment,  international students are positioned for opportunities with multinational corporations which perceive Brazilian universities to be an excellent recruiting ground for employees.

Notably, Brazil plays the role of one of the top consumer markets in the world thereby making the country a safe haven for those intending to be competitive in the global marketplace.

6. They Know How to Party

Before we proceed, there is usually a carnival which is the most popular party in the country, though it is far from being the only one. If you are the type that loves to party, you don’t need to worry, because you can find some kind of street celebration happening in Brazil.

As a result of a large number of immigrants which is approximately 180 million people, the country offers a vibrant culture, ranging from music and atmosphere to its amazing street food. In addition to this, Brazilians are known to be friendly people thereby making the country a particularly warm and welcoming place to be.

7. Coma! Coma! Eat! Eat!

Usually, under the “culture” headings, you will find food as one of them, but in Brazil, food deserves a category of its own.

No doubt, Brazilian food provides international appeal in abundance — irrespective of if your intention is showcasing at a gourmet street fair, going for a culinary festival, or dining at one of the country’s popular churrascarias 

There are some delicacies you must endeavor to try out such as the traditional stew, “feijoada,” and cheesy and crispy pastry, “pão de queijo.” Also, send it down to your stomach with Brazil’s national cocktail and the refreshing caipirinha.

8. There Is So Much to See

Saying that the geography of Brazil is diverse is nothing but an understatement due to its abundance of wildlife and natural attractions such as more than 4,500 miles of coastline, two thousand beaches, and approximately 25% of the world’s rainforests.

According to Anthropologists, there are different sides to Brazil such that there are even some parts, about 60 tribes hidden in the dense jungles that we are yet to discover.

There is indeed so much to see in Brazil, so much magnificent lookout points like Rio De Janeiro’s famed Christ Redeemer statue, and so on. Feel free to explore, you will discover that Brazil serves as a gateway to famous South American sites such as Patagonia, Machu Picchu, and The Andes.

9. Practice Your Portuguese

In Brazil, the official language is Portuguese and is spoken by more than 98% of the population. Therefore, living in the midst of a speaker will help you to harness your Portuguese skills. if you’re hoping to do so.

Irrespective of the fact that Spanish and English are also spoken in some of the bigger cities, Portuguese is the official language used as a medium of instruction, and business dealings. 

10. Home of Soccer

You can’t afford to talk about Brazil without mentioning soccer, doing so will be referred to as an incomplete discussion. If you are a lover of soccer, then get ready for an exciting journey in the world of soccer, but if you are not, soonest you will reside in Brazil as a fan with a yellow jersey and some fancy footwork of your own.

Studying abroad opens doors of opportunities for you, and studying in one of the powerful players on the international higher education scene is an extra. 

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