Free High School Online Diploma At No Cost For Adults 2023

Are you Interested in 2023 free high school online diplomas for adults? 

If you are…..

Then, this article has been created to walk you through on how it is possible to obtain an online diploma, a list of all the available schools that you can obtain an online diplomas with no cost for mostly adults in 2023.

How To Obtain An Online High School Diploma

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a high school diploma at a very young age probably due to the high cost of the tuition fees in the various universities that the degree is obtainable.

However, if you couldn’t then, you can now.

I know that you might be wondering “how”?

Well, it is through the Digital Technology (Online Application)

In the modern world of today where everything is done digitally, you don’t need to go to high school in person to get a diploma.

You can easily sit at the comfort of your home or office and register for admission, pay fees, attend classes, access course materials, and take tests and exams with your devices whether it is a mobile device or a PC.

This new development arised due to the high cost of high school tuition fees which are somewhat expensive which the majority of people can’t afford.

That’s why most people are looking for a less stressful, free and easy alternative to obtain a high school diploma online.

It is important to note that while we provide you with a comprehensive list of schools in 2023 where you can obtain a free high school online diploma.

Not all are totally free of charge, nevertheless, we assure you that whatever the cost might be an average adult will be able to afford it without breaking the bank.

Having said that, let’s drive into the main purpose of this article.

Accredited Free Online High School Diploma Program For Adults At No Cost

Online education is a traditional choice for today’s young people. 

Many high school students use technology to connect with each other and understand their daily interests. 

Therefore, it is important that while you are applying for an online diploma, you should also look for an accredited high school.

We usually recommend that as a student, you need to carefully conduct a thorough investigation of the course before paying the charges.

Due to the fact that there are countless online scams offering fake diplomas.

So you must do well to check the school certification to make sure it is a legit certification body. 

With this, below are the high school that offers free diplomas

Stanford Online High School

Stanford Online High School is one of the best schools to obtain an online diploma.

It was established in 2006 and termed as a unique school located at Stanford University. 

They offer approximately 155 courses to prospective students and are passionate about creating a diverse community of motivated students around the world.

They also offer scholarship programs for adults who want to obtain a high school diploma online.

The tuition fees for this school ranges from $26,750 for full-time students to $15,940 for part-time students. 

You will also be required to also pay some fees, such as event attendance, course materials, yearbooks, etc.

Since you are looking to learn for free.

You will apply for their financial aid program, and if you are eligible for a scholarship, the program will only pay for your tuition. 

If you aren’t successful in getting the scholarship and also have financial difficulties, you can also contact the school administration to obtain fee reductions.

Furthermore, In order to get admission into this school, you will need to pass tests, which will assess your academic ability, personal qualities, experience, etc.

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James Madison High School

James Madison High School is one of the schools that offer free high school online diploma at no cost for adults

It is an accredited school by Cognia, SACS CASI and DEAC (Distance Education Certification Council), so it is 100% legally recognised.

This school is one of the cheapest online high schools in the world with a tuition fee as low as $50 per month.

Though they don’t provide financial assistance, it is quite affordable and worth the investment.

The school has helped thousands of students achieve their academic and life goals. 

You can obtain a general diploma or a pre-university diploma at JMHS, which can be completed online at a speed that is comfortable for you.

University Of Nebraska High School

The University of Nebraska High School is one of the good free schools where you can obtain an online diploma at no cost. 

It is recognized by Cognia and the Nebraska Department of Education. 

They have more than 100 courses and also accept international students.

You can register whenever you are ready and can complete the courses within 52 weeks.

But before you can proceed, you must be able to meet their requirements in order to be eligible for admission.

For more information about the school requirements, you can visit the official website of the school.

Penn Foster

Penn Foster offers free high school online diplomas at no cost for adults. 

The school is accredited by Arizona Sara Council, Cognia, DEAC, AVMA, IACET, Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and is approved by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education and Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools

Earning a Penn Foster high school online diploma means that you will save money and time since the program covers subjects such as mathematics and English as well as 5 elective courses or career preparation courses of your choice.

The Keystone School

Keystone School offers high school diploma courses for adults from over 18 years and above.

The School is known for its flexibility and is recognized by Cognia and the High School Council. 

The tuition fee for the adult online high school diploma is less than $100 per month.

They have many courses specifically suitable for adult learners. 

These courses include all core subject areas and elective courses for specific career areas.

Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School has about 30 years of experience and is one of the leading schools in the field of online education. 

Its courses are built around the passion, interest and talents of students. 

They are fully recognized, have good records, flexible course arrangements and comprehensive courses.

Alabama Virtual Academy

The Alabama Virtual Academy is a CITA-certified tuition-free institution which provides high-quality free high school online diplomas at no cost for adults and personalized learning methods to help students reach their potential.

ALVA-ECS is a project of the Eufaula City Board of Education, and they accept admission every year. 

For more enquiries, please visit their website.

Pinnacle Charter High School

Pinnacle Charter School is another free institution where you can get a standard high school diploma for adults for free. 

They are recognized by Cognia and approved by the NCAA and provide tuition-free education for students willing to achieve academic goals.

Clintondale Virtual School

This school is fully accredited by NCA, CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI so therefore, adults who want to obtain a high school diploma online can apply for Clintondale Virtual School.

However, students need at least 20 credits to graduate.

The Clintondale Virtual School provides students with a world-class 21st-century education to help them prepare for their careers.

Orion High School

Orion Online High School has more than 200 courses and is accredited by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) and the Texas Private Schools Accreditation Council (TEPSAC), NCAA, Cognia.

Orion High School provides students with a flexible learning method and helps them to promote their own active learning through purposeful and engaging courses in the curriculum.

This school should be considered if you are looking for a free high school diploma online at no cost for adults.

Park City Independent Online Adult School

Park City Independent is available to all students worldwide. 

Students enrolled in this school will be able to access the virtual campus conveniently at home according to their own schedule, time and schedule, all of which are the same as the certification provided by public high schools.

They are accredited by the Northwestern Accreditation Council (NWAC) and provide courses for adults who need an online high school diploma.

You can also transfer credits from an accredited institution for your adult high school diploma.

Texas Success Academy

This school is also another school that you should consider while looking for a free high school online diploma at no cost.

In this school, there is no age limit discrimination rather everyone is eligible to get an accredited high state diploma.

International students aren’t excluded. They can sign up to study at the academy.

Excel High School

The institution is accredited by the North Central Association CASI, Cognia, Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), Schools & the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and the Middle States Association of Colleges.

They are known for providing an economical and flexible way for you to obtain a high school online diploma as an adult.

Their adult high school online diploma courses are perfect for adult learners who need to obtain an accredited high school diploma.


1. Is It Legal To Obtain A High School Online Diploma?

Going to school remotely to obtain an online recognized high school diploma is as legal as attending a physical school to obtain a traditionally recognized high school diploma. 

However, it is best to personally confirm whether you have obtained legal information about the school offering the free high school online diploma at no cost for adults before registering.

2. Can I Get My High School Online Diploma?

Yes, you can…

Adults or out-of-school teenagers can obtain an accredited high school online diploma. 

Accredited courses can be found through the Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a non-profit organization that runs a certification board for distance learning courses.

3. What Kind Of Degree Is A High School Diploma?

A high school diploma is a qualification for graduation from a North American academic school awarded after graduating from high school. 

The study time for a high school diploma is usually three to four years, usually from the 9th to the 12th grade.

4. Can I Go To School Online For Free?

Yes, you can…

You can go to an online school without paying a penny. 

Some public schools are free of tuition fees or sponsored by certain organizations, so students do not have to pay any fees.

5. How Do I Get A High School Diploma After The Age Of 21?

You can get an official high school diploma, and you can prepare for the GED exam. 

In the United States, you can only go to high school before the age of 21.

So once you exceed this age, you must go to adult high school.


Whatever height you are aspiring to attain regardless of how long you have waited.

Just believe that it is possible and never too late.

With the new technological advancement, you can now obtain an online diploma from any free high school of your choice in 2023.

For more questions, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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